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Danger at St Magnets !

The Kinetic Theatre Company came into school to present their production of

'Danger at St Magnets', a drama all about metals, magnets and magnetism.


First we met Mr Bunting, the

Headteacher of St Magnets School

and one of his pupils.


Mrs Dinglebury, the school secretary,

explained to us how she used a magnet

to help her pick metal things up off the floor -

she had a very bad back.


We found out that a metal expands when heated . . .


and it is maleable - it can bend into different shapes

- like this bangle that was made to fit Mrs Gardonyi.


We learnt about bimetalic strips.

These are made from two pieces of different metals

and, when heated, one of them expands quicker

than the other, making the strip bend over.


We found out about the North and South Poles

of magnets and how these repel and attract.



There was a problem at St Magnets . . .

someone had stolen the bimetalic strip

from the boiler thermostat.


The boiler would explode if we couldn't turn it off!


We discovered how to make an electro-magnet

by wrapping insulated wire around iron and

connecting it to a battery to create a magnetic field.


Would the electro-magnet be strong

enough to move the switch on the boiler?


It was!

St Magnets School was saved!


We joined in the song by using hand actions

to help us remember all the things we had learnt.


We were very good at answering - and asking -

questions about all the different things we had seen!