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Year 5 are Laboratory Learners
Year 5 were invited to a Science Taster Morning in the new 6th Form Laboratories at Archbishop Holgate's School.

Our first task was to identify scientific equipment from pictures and draw them in 2D on a worksheet.

We also thought about what they would be used for.

We then discussed the dangers that could be found in laboratories, such as chemicals, gas and electricity and how to stay safe when using equipment and doing an experiment.
We were shown how to light a Bunsen burner safely before we started our experiments to identify if sugar, starch or protein was present in our samples.
We put our first sample in a boiling tube with Benedicts solution. This was heated in a beaker until it boiled. If sugar was present the sample turned orange.
Ten drops of the second sample was put in a test tube and two drops of Iodine solution added. If starch was present it turned a dark blue/purple colour.

10ml of our final sample was measured into a boiling tube with 10ml of Sodium Hydroxide and 10 drops of Copper Sulphate. If protein was present it turned a light purple colour. We then had to follow instructions very carefully to make sure we cleared up our chemicals and equipment safely.