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Leeds City Museum Trip

Years 3 and 4 went on a visit to Leeds City Museum.


We started by exploring the Ancient Egypt floor.  We had a really good look around,

played some interactive games and found different Egyptian artefacts.


We also had the chance to explore the

Living World Floor which had lots of

different animals and natural things in.

Our favourite activity was the animal dressing up clothes – can you tell?

It was a lovely day, so we had our dinner

on the steps outside the museum.


(We had to avoid the pigeons though!)


After lunch we gathered together

for an Egyptian workshop.


We explored the Ancient Egypt floor again –

this time finding missing parts from a mummy.


Did you know there is a real ‘life’ dead mummy at the

Leeds Museum?  It is the mummy of a priest.


It is so delicate you are not allowed to take pictures.

After that we returned to the workshop room to explore mummification – including taking out the organs and putting them in canopic jars. 
We saw a real amulet from Ancient Egypt.
We also had a chance to write our name in hieroglyphics on papyrus . . .

. . . and make our own amulets.