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Modern Foreign Languages

At Lord Deramore’s we learn German and French throughout the year with Mrs Pinckney in the Languages Cabin. We have a vast range of resources for both languages and also are lucky enough to have volunteer

Native Speakers who assist Mrs Pinckney during some lessons.


In Year 1 we meet Hocus and Lotus, our little

German dinosaurs who teach us rhymes and

songs and read us stories helping us to develop an enthusiasm for languages. 

Here are Year 1 learning to say who they are.


We continue to learn about customs and celebrations in Germany and France in Year 2, playing language learning games and activities, developing our confidence in interacting with others.


Year 2 are playing a French counting game using a dice.


By KS2 we start learning to read and write in both languages, developing our knowledge about languages, our intercultural understanding and our language learning strategies.


This encourages us to understand and communicate


in another language, giving us a sound start for further development at KS3 and beyond.


Year 4 are performing the French New Year

'J'aime la galette' dance.


Year 6 make Schültüten for the

Early Years children.

Lanterns are made by Year 5 for St. Martin's Day.

Here are some links to Websites for both languages and background information which you may find useful.



Websites for French 



Websites for German



There are many more useful sites – please do not hesitate to talk to Mrs Pinckney who you will find in the Languages Cabin Tuesday and Thursday mornings before school and Wednesday after school.