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Maths Week

During Maths week everyone in school worked on different ways of investigation and problem solving.

Some of our School Governors joined us for a morning to see how maths is taught in school.

At the end of the week we had an assembly and shared our work with each other.

Year 6 needed to be organised and work systematically to solve the problem through diagrams and jottings, recording in tables, spotting patterns and creating formulae.

Year 5 have been finding fractions of amounts with Smarties, making posters to show their results.

They had a scrumptious time because they ate them as well!

Year 4 investigated sequences and rules. They tried to find a route through a network of shapes or numbers to produce the highest number of moves or the largest total for a sequence of 16 numbers.
Year 3 had to help the baby bugs get legs by finding factors. Some bugs had tails if they were a square number. As a final challenge, they were given some bugs with legs, and they had to guess their number.
Year 2 have been learning about position and direction. They had to follow a route and calculate a score, depending on the direction that they moved. They found out that all routes to and from a specific point equalled the same total.
Year 1 investigated how many ways they could arrange a set of cubes following certain rules. They used their own method of recording to show all the different arrangements they found.
The Early Years children were very busy. They investigated how to arrange 10 spots on a ladybird, made patterns and hunted for shapes and numbers. They took photographs of their activities to show us in assembly.