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More Wheels . . .

After our visit to the Yorkshire Wheel last week, we have continued to think about wheels.

See our trip to the Yorkshire Wheel HERE
We have painted them – look closely as the wheel is scraped into the green paint.

We have made them in construction – this wheel has been cleverly suspended in the rest of the model so that it can spin.


We have explored how wheels move down ramps.

We looked at a picture by Kandinsky, made up of lots of circles – it reminded us of the York Wheel.  
In ICT we used the spinner program on 2paint to make our own circle pictures.
We are going to use them to make our own Kandinsky style piece of Art.

Do you like our display?

Does it look like the real thing?


In Early Years the children often find their own interesting things to explore.  This week some children have been playing pirates, so we made maps to help find the treasure.
Once we had our maps, we could be pirates, using the maps to find the treasure.  This pirate used a car to go on his treasure hunt!