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Visit to the Mosque

We got the bus from outside school and walked

part of the way to the Mosque which is on Bull Lane.


When we got to the Mosque, we had to take our shoes off and sit in lines on the carpet. The Imam talked to us about the Mosque.  He told us that we had to take our shoes off to keep the Mosque clean. There were no chairs in the prayer room, we had to sit on the floor.  Muslims kneel to pray, so it is important to keep the floor clean.


He showed us pictures of the Kaaba in Mecca.


  Did you know that when Muslims pray, they all face the Kaaba in Mecca?  That is why there are lines on the carpet, so everyone knows which way to face.

Muslims pray 5 times a day.

Before they pray they must clean themselves in a very special way, called Wudhu.  They clean their hands,

noses, mouths, faces, hair, arms, ears and feet.


  We learned some of the positions that

Muslims use when they pray.



The Imam showed us the Muslim Holy Book – the Qu’ran.  He recited the first page for us.  In Year 1, one of the children

was able to recite it.



Before we left, we saw a model of the new

Mosque that they have just started to build.


We enjoyed visiting the Mosque and

learnt a lot about how Muslims pray.