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Outdoor Learning Week

The week after the summer half term break, 11th - 15th June 2012, we had an Outdoor Learning Week.

It was an exciting way to enrich our creative curriculum and enable us all to transfer our skills to

new aspects of learning. We also had a number of VERY interesting visitors in school.

You can take a look below and follow the links to see some of the amazing things we did.


There were many activities and events that everyone in

school had the opportunity to experience and share together.

         Take a look . . .


New Experiences

Crocodile Sculpture

Outdoor Exercise

Drama Presentation




The Early Years children did EVERYTHING outside.

See them HERE.


Take a look at Year 3 outdoors.

Meerkat Mail

Bird Boxes


Find out what Year 2 were doing.

In the Forest

Aboriginal Art


Year 5 did a lot of investigating outside.

Plants & Seeds


Sunflower Sculpture

Story Telling



Take a look some activities with Year 1.

Plant & Bug Hunt

Dinosaur Bones


What have Year 6 been doing?

Measuring Trees


Art & Story Club


See how Year 4 used natural materials to create their art work HERE.