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Year 6 Residential Visit

Year 6 had a memorable time on their residential visit this year to

Robinwood at Dobroyd Castle, Todmorden.

We learnt new skills and found things out about both ourselves and others.

Even the weather was kind to us!

They climbed to dizzy heights. . . . . .                                               . . . . .and down again!

Encouraged each other to face the fears of the Giant Swing and Zip Wire . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . as well as the even greater terrors of the Trapeze and Crate Challenge!
We supported each other in the dark Caving and kept each other safe when Bouldering.
The Piranha Pool and Knights Quest involved problem solving and working together as a team.  
Good co-operation and communication was useful in the Team Challenges. 
At times it felt rather like "The blind leading the blind" when faced with the Nightline! 
Everyone enjoyed taking to the water and Canoeing - and getting wet when Raft Building!
There were some tight squeezes and tricky balances on the Obstacle Course.

Archery was a skill that

everyone enjoyed learning. Some of us discovered that we were very good!


During the time we spent together at

Robinwood everyone faced challenges

and overcame fears.


We certainly enjoyed the experience!