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Sandwich Making

Sandwiches were on the menu in Year 1.

They chose their own fillings for their sandwiches and wrote a list of the ingredients that they would need.

As well as the usual fillings of jam, cheese and ham there were some more unusual combinations of ham with sweetcorn, jam with mashed banana and even jam with ham!
First they spread the bread with butter.
Then they added the filling they had chosen.

Next they decided whether to cut their sandwich into triangles or squares.

It was tricky wrapping them up!


We sat outside in the sunshine

to eat them.


Using our ICT skills we created pictures of our sandwiches and labelled them.

We also stuck photographs of our sandwiches in our books and wrote captions about them, and how they could be improved - some of us had forgotten to put butter on our list of ingredients!

by Freya
by Kitty
by Oliver