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Shakespeare Workshop

Year 6 spent a day immersing themselves in the language and history of

Shakespeare and his plays  at the University of York, focusing on Macbeth.

They got into character as the witches . . .

rehearsed their best persuasive techniques thinking

about the ploys Lady Macbeth used on her husband

(watch out parents!) . . .


worked in groups to discuss and fill in the

blanks in parts of the original script . . .


acted as understudies  for the lead characters . . .



hot-seated Lord and Lady Macbeth . . .


went on a fact finding mission in the

Shakespeare Exhibition at Heslington Hall . . .


and studied the characterisation and different guises

the witches have had in productions over the years.


They developed their own, novel ideas

which included spacemen and rappers!


A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all – even the

sun came out for lunch in the University grounds.