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Silent Movies

As part of our topic about life 100 years ago, Year 4 have been looking at early cinema and the films of Charlie Chaplin. We then worked in groups to storyboard our own movie in the style of Charlie Chaplin and filmed them. After using movie editing software to combine the film clips, title cards and credits,

we made the films black & white and added music.

Take a look at the results!
by Abigail
by Alanna
by Andrew
by Ben
by Billy
by Bobby
by Brooke
by Clara
By Declan
by Douglas
by Eddie
by Edward
by Elliot
by Fenn
by Freya
by George
by Grace
by Isabella
by Jakey
by Jessica
by Kitty
by Lucie
by Oliver M
by Oliver N
by Ruby H
by Ruby K
by Sonya
by Timothy
by Yiyang
We hope you enjoyed watching them!