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Solar Eclipse 20th March 2015

Before heading out to view the Eclipse,

here are Years 5 & 6 looking at the orbit

of the Earth and Moon around the Sun.

They created their own Eclipse.

The Early Years children looked at the orbit of the

Earth and the moon, using a torch to represent

the Sun and create an Eclipse.


Early Years and Year 1 sat outside to

experience the effects of the Eclipse safely.


Following some very misty and dull days, we

were pleased to see the cloud breaking up.


After discussing the safety issues,

everyone went outside.


We used different methods to view the Eclipse;

paper & card pinhole viewers . . .


box pinhole viewers . . .



and colanders.


Those who wanted to were able to use

special Eclipse glasses with adult supervision.


We felt the chill in the air as it grew darker.


After the event, here are Year 5 recording

some detailed information in their science books.

You can read more information about the Eclipse HERE.