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Sports Day Fun 2014

It was perfect weather for our Sports Day

as we gathered in our teams on the field

for our morning of fun activities.


Each team consisted of children from each

year group. We work as a team to score points.



We use lots of different skills.

You need a good aim to throw

bean bags into hoops.


A steady hand is needed to balance the ball!

Agility and speed are required here.

Hockey dribble needs coordination.

The sack race is fun!

You have to be as quick as

you can in the compass run.

Everyone likes scoring goals!

You need to work as a team to pass the

ball down the line as quickly as possible.


Skipping can be tricky!


We support and encourage each other.

There is the important water stop . . .

. . . and anticipation as we

gather to hear the results.


And here is the winning team.


Well done to everyone!


In the afternoon we held competitive races,

in year groups, on the running track.


We still had to concentrate and

use lots of different skills.


The Obstacle race was fun!

There were also some very speedy sprints!

Time to take a break in the shade.


We all had a fantastic day!