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Spring Term 2014

On this page you can see some of the activities and work that we have

shared and enjoyed in school during the Spring 2014 term.


Our final event of the Spring Term was our

Easter Egg Decorating Eggstravaganza!

You can see our eggstra special creations HERE.


Year 3 had an outdoor challenge. They had to work

in pairs to find the twenty Easter maths problems

and solve them to receive a chocolate treat!


Who has taken a trip on the river?

Take a look HERE.


Where are Year 5 and what are they doing?


Find out HERE.


Pupils from Years 4, 5 & 6 attended the

FA Girls’ Football Festival at York College.

There were opportunities for interactive learning,

lots of different activities to show off and

develop their skills and the opportunity

to meet some of the mascots.  

Does anyone recognise this one?

Find out what is happening in Years 3 & 4 HERE.

Year 1 have been making

symmetrical patterns using peg boards.


Don’t they look great!


Early Years performed their class assembly and told us the story of Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell.

Their costumes were amazing.

Can you remember what

Norman used for his shell?


Years 3 & 4 had fun investigating a range of Japanese materials they received from the Japan Society.  They looked at items relating to Japanese festivals, toys and schools.  Everybody particularly enjoyed dressing up in Japanese clothes.


Year 4 have enjoyed exploring our Japanese garden.  Firstly, they used it for inspiration for Haiku poems.

Then they learned about the key elements of

a traditional Japanese garden and searched

for the key features in our garden.


Children in Year 1 have been using the forest to learn

about camouflage. First they played hide and seek.

Which person is hidden best?

Then they had to make worms to camouflage somewhere in the forest. Finally they went on a worm hunt.  Four worms were so well camouflaged no one could find them!

Take a look at the Tu Tu Funky dance display HERE.

Over the last few weeks Year 6 have been looking at the Muslim faith. We have looked at the use of calligraphy and how it is used to represent Allah, who has been given 99 different names in Arabic.



Year 1 have been learning how to

use a control program in the ICT suite.


They can program the computer

to draw different patterns.


Year 6 worked very accurately

to create Sierpinsky Triangles.

You can see more of their work on fractals HERE.


For their Class Assembly Year 5 performed

'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes as well

as their own poems, written in the same style.


Well done Year 5!


Year 5 enjoyed a Samba workshop with MEG -

York University’s Musical Education Group.


They got to try a range of percussion instruments

(ask them if they can remember the different names!)

and finished on a high!


Year 6 have been testing a range of

materials to find the most effective

filter for a mix of sand and water.


They formed a hypothesis, used a

fair test and carefully recorded their

results before reaching a conclusion.


Year 5 recently took part in a Hockey Festival with two other primary schools at Archbishop Holgate’s School.  They played well and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.  The results are awaited...


Thank you to everyone who came to our

book swap after school on Friday as part of our

World Book Day celebrations.  It was great to

see so many people enthusiastically discussing

and swapping books.  We hope to have another

book swap soon so if you missed out this time,

look out for future information.


Every one enjoyed World Book Day in school.

You can see some of our amazing costumes HERE

and find out who the Book X Factor

contestants were this year HERE.


Year 2 have been learning about new beginnings in their RE lessons. On Friday, we had a visit from some parents of a Year 2 child who brought their new baby along to answer some questions about what it is like to have a baby in the family. 


Year 4 have been working on electrical circuits.

They were designing different types of

switch for different circumstances.

For example; an on off switch for a light,

a safety switch which had to be held on

and a secret switch to catch a burglar!


Why is there an enormous spider in Key Stage 1 ?


You can find out HERE.


Year 5 were asked to do a homework  based

on ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes. 

Their ingenuity and creativity knew no bounds;

films, ‘live’ and written news reports, cakes,

lego scenes and much, much more. 


Years 1 and 2 were visited by the 

Music Education Group  from York University.

They had great fun listening to music played

by brass instruments and then having

a go at making music themselves.


This week Year 6 have been

using their matching, mirroring and

balance techniques on the equipment.


Year 1 have been thinking about pushes and pulls.


Their challenge was to find as many different

ways as possible to make the bubbles move.

Take a look at the PTA Winter Magic activities HERE.

Years 5 and 6 enjoyed a whistle stop tour of ‘The Forbidden Planet’

with two of the lead actors from the production in rehearsal at

Archbishop Holgate’s School. 

Here are some new cast members helping explain the plot!

Find out where Year 4 are HERE.

Year 3 Class Assembly was based on their topic this term - Japan. They told us a traditional tale about the White Hare & the Crocodiles; gave presentations about Karate, Origami, Japanese Weather and the Bullet Train; as well as performing a Fan Dance. Well done Year 3!


Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Gingerbread Man fell into the water?

The Early Years children investigated. First he floated, then sank, floated again and then he fell apart!


In science we have been continuing to look at materials in Year 2. These children were exploring

the difference between bread and toast. They investigated whether it was a reversible or irreversible change.  We used our senses to explore the material.


The School Council ran their fruit sale to raise money for WaterAid.  They worked hard as a team to prepare the sale and to count the money afterwards! 

They will be announcing how much

money they raised in assembly.


As part of our topic on clothes, Year 2 designed their own t-shirt pattern. We had to think hard about what would be our favourite design.

Year 2 were especially good at copying their designs exactly onto their t-shirts. Once they were made we hung them up around the classroom and wrote descriptions of them.


In gymnastics, Year 5 have been working on the theme of bridges. Working with a partner, they created a sequence of high and low bridges,

linked by rolls, jumps and turns.

There were some very creative ideas!


Year 1 have been investigating reversible changes. They found out that solid chocolate melts to a liquid. Then they let it set to a solid again.


Finally they ate their experiment!


Year 4 presented their class assembly about their class topic, Japan. Groups shared their research into earthquakes through drama and even gave advice on what to do if you are ever in an earthquake. Some children shared their descriptions of what it was like to experience an earthquake. It sounded very scary!

Finally everyone showed a traditional

Japanese dance called Soran Bushi. 

It is a Japanese sea shanty that was sung

to encourage fishermen with their work.


Year 1 have been looking at changing materials in their science work. They have been investigating how bread changes when it is heated.

They used their senses to observe, smell, feel,

and taste the bread before and after cooking.

Then they recorded their ideas in a table.

Look at our bubbles! We think they look like volcanoes! We made them by adding washing up liquid to paint and then blowing through a straw.

We had great fun.

You can find out who this character is HERE.

Year One presented their class assembly to parents and children. They shared some of the number songs they have learnt. These help them to know their number facts and count on and back.

The children enjoyed dressing up as

chefs, astronauts and footballers.

Mick the mechanic joined them too!

Find out what Early Years are doing HERE.

Where are Year 3 having lunch?

You can find out HERE.

Take a look at Year 6 Class Assembly HERE.
Find out how Year 6 created this HERE.

Year 2 are learning about materials in science.Today we have been using paper to weave a mat. We decided that paper is good for weaving because it is very flexible. 

We had to focus hard on getting the

weave right but we helped each other out.


Early Years have been learning to whittle sticks in the forest. We had to follow some very careful instructions so we were safe. We were very good at whittling and some of us managed to completely strip our stick.

As we are so good at whittling, we thought we might use our skills to peel some carrots to make soup. We could eat it in the forest to keep warm!


As part of our clothes topic, children in Year 2 have been bringing in clothes that are special to them.


Here you can see some outfits

from South Korea and Japan.

Find out what Year 5 are doing HERE.

As part of their topic on Japan, Years 3 & 4

have been learning about Buddhism.

This week they had a visit from a Buddhist nun.

They learned about Buddhist beliefs and

practices and even learned to meditate!


Early Years have been stretching and curling in PE.

We have used lots of different apparatus to perform our movements and have learnt the names of the apparatus

we have used. We have tried to stretch all the way from

our fingers to our toes. We have curled using different

parts of our body to balance on.

How many ways can you think of to stretch or curl?


Year 1 have been working hard in the

forest to make Cinderella a new broom!

First they had to find a long thick stick for a

handle and then they had to collect lots of

smaller bendy sticks for the brush. After that

they had to fasten the small sticks to the

handle. Finally they made sure their

brooms could sweep well!


Year 1 have a Fancy Dress Shop in their class.

They have been writing price labels for the clothes.

You can read what Year 6 'Twittereth' HERE.

Why is this tortoise in the Early Years classroom?


You can find out HERE.


Year 1 have been whittling sticks to make

wands for the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella.

It was hard work but they kept going!


Year 2 have been very busy preparing their

illustrations for the Red House Book Awards.

Find out where the Early Years children are HERE.

We are continuing to learn about leaders in RE.

In these pictures Year 2 are working in teams to prepare questions to ask Mrs Powley when she comes to visit our class later in the week.


Year 3 boarded a flight to their topic

destination for this term. They all had their

boarding passes and, once they had found

their seats, listened carefully to the Captain's

in - flight instructions and safety procedures.

They used map reading skills to follow

the journey from Manchester to Japan!


Year 3 had to follow instructions very

carefully to create their origami models.


Year 5 enjoyed baking buns on WWII rations and

researching what they could add for extra interest

and flavour. They all showed great skills measuring,

weighing and mixing.

And because there were no eggs in the recipe,

they even got to lick their own spoons!


Year 1 brought in their favourite t-shirts to show

then they wrote poems to describe them.


In Year 2 we are learning about leaders in RE.

Today we worked in groups to think about what a leader was and what qualities make a good leader. 

Our groups all thought that a good leader would need to be thoughtful, kind and organised!


Ms Chandler is working with Year 1 this term to develop their computer skills.


This week we read ‘Aliens Love Underpants’

and then we used a paint program

to design underpants for aliens!


This term the Year 2 topic in science is materials. 

We learned about natural and non-natural materials.  Then we took a selection of non-natural

materials to make collages. 


Year 2 have been learning to use connectives accurately in their spoken and written work.

To get better at this we have been working

in teams to play connectives games.