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Spring Term 2015

On this page you can see some of the activities and work that we

have shared and enjoyed in school during the Spring 2015 term .


Our final event of the Spring Term was our

Easter Egg Decorating Eggstravaganza!

You can see our cracking creations HERE.


Year 6 have been creating Anglo Saxon amulets featuring Saxon Gods and runes.

They used clay to create them and braided their own string.


On Wednesday Year 1 had an Easter maths challenge in the forest.

They had to use their knowledge of doubles

and near doubles to find matching eggs.

They had to hunt high and low!


Year 1 have been working with multilink to

find all the number stories for eight.


Year 3 had fun finding and solving

Easter worded maths problems outside.

And the prizes . . .  chocolate eggs, of course!


Year 1 thought about the creatures that they might find at the top of Jack's Beanstalk then created them using plasticine.


Year 2 worked well together as a team to perform their class assembly all about their

work on traditional tales.  They did a fabulous performance of Little Red Riding Hood, which we had learned in our Talk for Writing lessons.

See how we experienced the Solar Eclipse HERE.

Year 2 had a fantastic afternoon at Archbishop’s school with lots of other Year 2 classes.  We were taking part in an orienteering festival.  We had to work with our partners and use a map to find cones spread across the field.  Year 2 worked well together and some of our pairs completed all three courses!

Find out where Years 5 & 6 are HERE.

Year 2 have been working hard this week on solving multiplication and division problems.

Here they are working with different resources to solve word problems.


The children in Year 2 are busy making spring cards.  They are thinking carefully about what colours to use to show that their cards are spring related.  Who could they be for?


Everyone enjoyed World Book Day in school.

See some of the amazing costumes HERE

and find out who the Book X Factor

contestants were this year HERE.


When a gale force windstorm was forecast

Year 1 had a challenge to build a den to protect Jack in the giant’s forest.


They could only use natural materials.


Year 6 took time and care designing and making pendants using Anglo-Saxon patterns and motifs. They also made their own braid to hang them on.


The School Council ran a whole school assembly to tell

everyone about the nominations in our school charity vote. 

The School Council had picked local, national and international charities to nominate and gave a brief description of what each charity does and why they need money.  This week we will vote across school to pick one charity to raise money for.


Year 2 are learning all about traditional tales in their writing lessons at the moment.  Here they are writing down everything they already know.  They had to think about any traditional tales they could think of, any characters types you might meet in a traditional tale and what kinds of problems characters in traditional tales might have.


The weaving industry in Anglo-Saxon England was huge for its time. Year 5 proved to be very industrious as well, making their own loom from twigs and string; some even made a start on the weaving itself.


Y6 have been looking at the heart and the properties of the blood. We made some of our own using the correct proportions. We had plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

Can you guess which is which from the photo?


Year 2 had a visit from a school nurse . She came to talk to us about making healthy food choices.  Year 2 listened really carefully and then designed a healthy lunch box.  We had to think about what a healthy carbohydrate would be, what fruit or vegetables we could include in our lunch and what a sensible dairy option would be.  They came up with lots of delicious and very healthy ideas.


Remember the photos of Year 5 planning and starting to build their Anglo-Saxon homes

They’re finished and look fantastic on display!  


In science, Year 2 are learning about

what the terms material and fabric mean. 

We have spent some time looking at

how different fabrics are made. 

We looked at fabrics that are woven and

then had a go at weaving using paper.


Year 5 went to a hockey tournament with other primary schools at Archbishop Holgate’s school.  All the children played well in and as a team.  One of Lord Deramore’s teams won the tournament!

Celebrate with Early Years HERE.
Find out what years 5 & 6 have been doing in the forest HERE.

To support our work on sequencing in Computing, Year 4 created a Viking landscape then instructed a Viking Beebot to travel from one place to another. Some of the Viking Beebots were invading an island while others crossed the rainbow bridge of Norse mythology. Next we will be working on inputting a sequence for others to follow and debugging incorrect programs.


Year 1 have been playing games to help them  learn the names of the countries of the UK,

the capital city of each country and the

seas that surround the UK.


In the middle of January Year 3 found a hungry caterpillar in the classroom. We fed it and a week later it became a chrysalis.

After a five week wait, a moth finally emerged. We think it is called an Angle Shades Moth.

Find out where these members of Years 5 & 6 are going HERE.

In Year 2 we are continuing our work on the weather and seasons. We’ve been thinking about what the weather is like in spring and what signs we see around us that spring is here. Then we looked at the work of Arcimboldo and used this as an inspiration to produce spring collage portraits.



For their Class Assembly Year 3 presented scenes from

'There's A Viking In My Bed' by Jeremy Strong as well as

information about Viking Shields, Helmets and Invasions.

Discover who the visitors are in Years 3 & 4 HERE.
See Year 5 Class Assembly HERE.

At the start of this half term, Year 2 did lots of work on books by Anthony Browne. 

We have made our own book full of our talk for

writing plans to add to our book corner.

Take a look at some Key Stage 2 achievements HERE.

Year 2 are working on recounts in our literacy lessons at the moment. Here you can see us using actions to retell our recounts, editing our first piece of writing and then using Talk for Writing techniques to plan our own recounts.

We are going to make a book full of ‘first time’ recounts when we have finished.


Find out what Year 1 have built HERE.

We are looking at using different approaches

to problem solving in Year 2 at the moment. 

Here we are using bead strings to add two

2 digit numbers together.


Years 3 & 4  weekly cooking sessions with

Mrs Bradley are always very tasty!


Year 3 have made Viking helmets and

designed shields ready for their Class Assembly.


This game helped Year 1

learn how to tell the time.

Year 3 - and Miss Dickenson - are getting really good at playing the violin. They have weekly lessons with Mrs Martin.

Can you guess which rhyme Early Years have learnt this week ?

See if you are right HERE.


Year 3 enjoyed exploring how many edges and corners there were on some 3D shapes . . .

and then eating them!



In P.E. Year 1  have been learning

how to throw and aim at a target.

They have been practicing standing correctly.


Year 6 investigated the power of sequencing and repetition in their coding work. 

They produced some amazing pictures using Logo.  Next they will be using Scratch.


In the forest Year 1 had to instruct the alien.

They had to use bossy verbs.

Find out where Year 5 are HERE.

Year 6 became living punctuation marks during a

Spelling Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) session.


Year 2 are learning all about recounts in their literacy lessons at the moment. 

Here they are thinking of different time connectives they could use


Year 6 visited Archbishop Holgate’s School to learn more about the circulatory system of the Human body.

We watched as Miss Weston dissected a heart and pointed out the main features and structures. We also had an opportunity to handle the heart (wearing gloves) and see for ourselves in closer detail how it was made up.


In our topic we are learning all about the weather.  Here, Year 2 are designing houses that would be suitable for different weather conditions.  Can you work out which would be good for warm weather and cold weather?


Year 1 enjoyed performing ‘Room on the Broom’ for their class assembly.

They sang songs and showed wands and brooms that they created in the forest.


Each season, Year 2 are exploring the school grounds to see what different living things we find in our local habitat.


Can you work out what we found here?

Discover how we were entertained by Year 6 HERE.

As part of their weather topic Year 1 used

a paint program in ICT to make starry night

pictures in the style of Van Gogh.


They also looked at trees in winter and

used blow painting to create these pictures.


After careful planning, Year 5 are busy

building their Saxon houses using a

range of techniques and materials.


In science, Year 4 have been investigating circuits. We dismantled a torch to see how it worked, then made circuits with switches we made ourselves.

We enjoyed testing the switches with bulbs, motors and buzzers.

Find out what the Early Years children have been doing HERE.

Year 1 worked hard in the forest

making new broomsticks for the

witch from ‘Room on the Broom’ story.


In PE, Year 4 were using movements to represent the nine worlds in Norse mythology and some of the characters which might be found there.


Year 1 went outside on a very windy day.

They had fun blowing bubbles and identifying

the direction of the wind.


Year 6 were introduced to five woodwind instruments. They then performed the story of Orpheus & Euridice to Year 5 through acting, narration and used percussion instruments as a musical accompaniment.


Early Years had a surprise when they returned to school this week . . . Father Christmas had left them some extra presents!

The children were very excited to unwrap new equipment for them to explore in our areas of provision.


Lots of the equipment will help support the children’s learning in Maths whether it be counting, recognising numbers or measuring.

We have already used our new outdoor number square to count all the way to 100!


The children particularly like our new Gathering Drum

and have already practiced keeping the beat whilst singing rhymes.