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Missing Decorations in the Forest

When Early Years went into the Forest this week, we found out that someone had

taken all of the decorations that Sage and Onion had put up for Christmas.


We were given 3 challenges to get the decorations back.


First we had to hunt for 20 stockings hidden around the Forest.

Each stocking had a number from 1-20 on it.


When we found each one, we had to tick them off on a sheet.


Then we played a game where one person

sat in the middle of the circle and hid their eyes. 


Someone had to sneak up and take their bells without being heard – it was very tricky and we had to listen really carefully.


Finally we had to hunt for the decorations

and use them to decorate a tree.


We had lots of fun and worked really well together.


We think Sage and Onion were really

pleased that we found the decorations.