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Summer Term 2014

On this page you can see some of the activities and work that we

have shared and enjoyed in school during the Summer 2014 term .


Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed the traditional end of Primary School water fight in untraditionally warm and sunny weather!

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The Peter Heale Award was presented for

the first time at the end of the Summer Term.


Where are Year 6?


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As part of Money Week, Mrs Pye gave all the classes £10 and the challenge of making some money for charity. After considering different money making ideas, Year 4 chose to spend their £10 on buckets and sponges to wash cars. We practised on Mrs McKenna ‘s car then went to work on cars belonging to parents and staff. I think you’ll agree, we did a very good job!


Year 5 had a lot of fun working in teams to organise their class assembly all about Brazil. They began by inviting us all to join them on their flight to Rio de Janeiro!

Then they took us on a trip around the country: the Amazon Rainforest, the beautiful beaches, all the World Cup venues and finally ending up with ‘Carnival Time’ back in Rio.
Two of our Year 6 pupils were chosen to represent the School at the York Civic Trust Primary Public Speaking Competition. 

There was time for a quick rehearsal before their speech entitled ’We love York because…’.  It was a fantastic presentation, earning them a well deserved 2nd place out of the 11 schools that competed. Well done to them and everyone who took part!

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The whole school enjoyed the Lego Electro City Workshop.

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Year 4 created mosaic images of the

Eiffel Tower, Cliffords Tower and a

Tour de France cyclist.


Year 3 enjoyed making vegetable kebabs and cooking them on a barbecue.


By far the best bit was eating them!


Key Stage One visited the Yorkshire Museum for a Dinosaur Workshop where they met a scientist called Joan. They handled, measured and made their own fossils. They also had to identify a dinosaur by its teeth and footprint.


With the Tour de France heading our way Year 3 made a bicycle from natural materials and spelt out the word 'Yorkshire' with their bodies. You can also take a look at 'The Wheels in Motion' in the short video clip!


Year 3 have made great progress with their work in Espresso Coding, creating animations by thinking carefully about sequencing instructions.  In today's lesson they worked very hard and lots of the class even had enough time left in the lesson to make a start on the Hour Of Code Maze activity.

Follow the link if you would like to continue with it at home.

Hour of Code


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Where are Years 3 & 4 going?


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Who was using this drum in school?


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What are Year 5 doing?

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Year 1 have produced some fantastic labelled diagrams of dinosaurs.


With the Brazillian World Cup upon us, Year 5 researched information on the country, then made leaflets to promote Brazil as a holiday destination.

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Year 1 took part in a Beanbag Rounders competition at Archbishop Holgates School. We split into three teams. Each team played three games.

It was great to see good sportsmanship from all our teams. We had a great time!

Julyanna Metcalfe, a native Goiás, came into to tell Year 6 all about Brazil. We saw how the regions were made up, the meanings of the symbols and colours of the national flag, the different types of climate and landscapes, all the different foods and the wildlife. We also learnt some Portuguese and have tried making some traditional Brazilian food.

In their Class Assembly, Year 4 told us lots of facts about Oceans and Seas, including scuba diving and some of the creatures you might find.


Year 5 created some informative

posters on the planets in our

Solar System.


We were treated to a couple of numbers from our resident 'Rock Bands' today.

We look forward to hearing more next week!


Harriet and Ben from MEG (Music Education Group)

came to visit Year 4 and do some improvised composition.

The class made great compositions based on the sounds of a rainforest.


Cathy and Andrew from the National Centre for Early Music

came to visit Year 6 so that we could start practising for an

amazing production of the English, Spanish Girl in July.

We have to learn new songs, actions and build part of the set.

Some of the songs we have learned are in Spanish and one is in Latin!


We had a whole week of Science activities in school.

You can see some of the things we did HERE.


What have the Early Years children been doing?


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Gordon Scott from 'Overland, Underwater' Dive Centre came to talk to Year 4 about diving. They learnt lots of interesting facts and really enjoyed trying out the scuba diving equipment!


As part of their topic 'Overland, Undersea', Year 3 created their own 3D model of a 'Reef' in a shoe box.


Year 1 shared their skills in a ‘Year One’s Got Talent’ class assembly. They chose their own activities and shared lots of different talents; there were writers, artists, dancers, gymnasts, designers and footballers.  The presenters introduced everything and kept the show on track.

Well done Year 1 - you are all VERY talented!


At the end of the Spring Term

Year 4 created some movies.

You can take a look at them HERE.

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The Early Years children have had a busy start to the Summer Term.


You can see some of their activities HERE.


Year One have been writing

about their favourite toys.

They invited Year Two to see their

toys and read their information.

Helena said ‘It was amazing!’


Some members of Year 4 found out that they were very good at estimating the weight of objects when they checked them using a balance.


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as well as other creative homeworks HERE.