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Summer Term 2015

On this page you can see some of the activities and work that we

have shared and enjoyed in school during the Summer 2015 term .

Take a look at our Outdoor Learning Week 2015 experiences HERE

Thank you to everyone who contributed

to our charity fundraising in aid of the RSPCA.

The amount raised so far is over £900!

You can see some of the activities we took part in HERE.


We were entertained at a musical assembly by a rock band and all

our talented school guitarists.


Here is this year's proud recipient

of the Peter Heale Award.


Year 6 really enjoyed their traditional end of year water fight - especially

soaking Mr Richards.

Luckily, this year, he remembered to bring a change of underwear!


Key Stage 1 enjoyed hearing

about Edward's old motorbike.


Years 3,4 and 5 made the deep dark wood from the Gruffalo story in the forest this week. 

We have entered photos of their creations into a competition to win some

Julia Donaldson books for school.

See Key Stage 2 in 'Porridge' HERE.
Mr Iddon presented medals and trophies to members of the 2014-15 football teams.

Well done to all the Year 4 Violinists and to our School Orchestra.


Everyone enjoyed their performance at the

York Music Hub Festival 2015, Central Hall, York University.


Key Stage One enjoyed their visit to the Street Life Museum in Hull. They helped Naomi find her vehicle by solving the clues. They even got to ride in a real carriage. It was very bumpy!

See the Tu-tu Funky dancers HERE.
Find out what the Early Years children are doing HERE.

Year 6 would like to say a big

THANK YOU to Mr & Mrs Pearcy

of York Maze.

They had an a-mazing time at their

Year 6 leavers party !


The Yorkshire Museum, in conjunction with costume designer Georgina Davy, recently ran a ‘Lost  Creatures Competition’. 

Primary school children were invited to submit their own design, with supporting notes, for a creature that had adapted to a particular habitat but is now extinct.

In our year 6 class we had three runners up and the overall winner! The design is going to be made into a walking puppet that will be touring the museum during half term in October. Look out for the ‘Landlubber’ then!

Take a look at our Summer Sports Activities HERE.

As part of their transport topic Year 1 have

been learning about old and new bikes.

Here they are doing careful observational drawings of a modern bike.


Year 5 had to make a shelter in the Forest School for their Stick Man.

There was some excellent team work -  and some well hidden shelters!


Year 1 have been learning about floating and sinking.

They had to predict which items would float.


Well done to our Year 6 pupils who represented the school brilliantly at the Civic Trust Public Speaking Competition.

Their topic was: Friends and Foes of York, which they presented to the

Lord Mayor and a large crowd on a very warm evening at the Merchant Adventurers Hall.


Year 6 made a visit to Archbishop Holgate’s School to watch their production of Joseph. A great watch, highly recommended and on all this week, get tickets while you can! You might spot some old Lord Deramore’s faces.


We were visited by five student teachers from Hong Kong.  The students are spending some time at the University of York learning about teaching in the UK and came to school to see a bit of what life is like at

Lord Deramore’s.

Year 2 had a fantastic time showing off their Talk for Writing skills to our visitors and then asking lots of questions about what school life is like in Hong Kong.


Years 5 & 6 made a visit to the University’s Music Department to take part in a Gamelan workshop. Gamelan is a range of Indonesian (these are from Java) instruments made mostly from bronze. We learnt the names of instruments, the different types of sound that they made, and how the music is produced. We also sang the traditional song “Suwe ora jamu” whilst playing.


In their Class Assembly Year 1 shared their ideas of things to do at playtime.

Keeping fit, clapping games, bat and ball games and skipping games.


Year 6 held a debate. The topic: School will start at 7am and finish at 5pm. Year 6 debated this topic very seriously and came up with some wonderful thoughts, including the impact on children, family life, teachers, cleaners and after school provision. But when it came to the vote it was decided by a very large majority not to move forward with this plan!


Congratulations to the girl's football team.

A great win!


Take a look at some of our activities and experiences during

Outdoor Learning Week this year HERE.


Year 3 had a great time learning how to temper chocolate -

then designing and making their own special chocolates.


They especially LOVED cleaning the bowls out!

Thank you Mrs Bradley!

Discover who these visitors are HERE.

Year 3 were excited to find themselves

14th in the UK Class Mathletics chart!


In Problem Solving the Year 5 & 6’s

had to work out the mystery weights

in the bags. The closer and more accurate their measuring, the more points they scored!

A good prediction and conversion of units was required first.

Find out about Year 3 & 4's tasty trip HERE.

You can see some of our Science Week activities HERE.


During June the University of York is holding a science

event with lots of free activities open to the public.


Find out what Year 6 are doing HERE.

Where are Years 1 & 2 going?

Find out HERE.


Year 4 investigated which toothpaste was the best. We explored which toothpaste was best at removing stains as well as which stayed on the toothbrush the longest. We thought smell and colour were important too. Out of the four we tested, Aquafresh Big Teeth came out the favourite.


You can take a a look HERE at some of the

coding work Year 5 have completed this half term.


The Digital Leaders organised a coding competition to design and code a game. We had four worthy winners who had used Espresso and Scratch.

Well done!


Year 3 looked at the causes of tooth decay and wrote instructions on how to brush your teeth properly.

They used disclosing tablets to identify where the plaque was on their teeth and then brushed them - effectively!


Year 1 are preparing to write an information text about mini-beasts by exploring our forest. They had  a lot of fun investigating our forest habitat!


Year 4 found out what happens after a general election and shared their ideas with the school.

The Year 4 government wanted to ban chocolate and there was a debate in the House of Commons. Madame Speaker kept everyone in order. . .


Luckily, the peers in the House of Lords decided not to ban chocolate, but to reduce the unhealthy ingredients.

The Queen was delighted with the result and signed the law. We were all happy to keep chocolate and sang 'Happy' to finish off.


Year 1 are learning the names of the continents and oceans of the world. They played a game and filled in their own passport.


We had some Spring Visitors

at school this week!


The artist Turner inspired Year 1

to create their own seascape

pictures using different paint techniques and collaging.


Where are Year 4?

Find out HERE.


As part of our science topic about teeth, Year 4 investigated what happens to teeth when they are exposed to plaque acid. In place of teeth, we used egg shells and in place of plaque acid we used vinegar. We found that the vinegar made the egg shells go soft and crumbly so they disintegrated when touched. From the results, we concluded that plaque acid makes the hard surface of teeth softer and more likely to get holes.

Find out where Years 1 & 2 are HERE.

We are enjoying the spring sunshine

in our wonderful school grounds.

The blossom on the trees is beautiful!


Year 1 have been busy whittling

sticks to make masts for boats.

They decorated  a sail with rubbings and threaded it on to the mast.


Mr Lynn and Dr Reel from Fulford Secondary School came to let Year 6 take part in the latest STEM challenge: to create a rubber band powered car that can make its own way up a ramp. The children did a great job with everyone’s cars moving well - but Edward and Joshua’s car was the winner by reaching the end of a ramp that was two dictionaries high!


Take a look at the

PTA Spring Bake Off HERE.


Year 2 have been learning about capacity in maths this week. 

We have been making our own measuring devices to

work out the capacity of different containers.



We are working on non-chronological reports in Year 2 at the moment. 

Here we are working in pairs to learn a report all about the Penny Farthing.