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Summer Term 2016

On this page you can see some of the activities and work that we

have shared and enjoyed in school during the Summer 2016 term .


As part of the New Curriculum for Computing, all classes are learning some element of coding.

Games and apps created by the children can be found by following the link below.

espresso coding


Celebrating 20 Years!

We had an exciting start to our final

full term in our old school building.

Take a look HERE.


We hope you have all had a lovely half term.

What a difference a week has made to the construction of our

new school. Let's hope this glorious weather continues so by the end of

term we will see the brick exterior with the feature blue glazed brickwork.


You have 27 cubes, three each of nine colours.

Can you use all the small cubes to make a 3 by 3 by 3 cube so that each face of the bigger cube contains one of each colour?

Not a problem for these two members of Year 6 - they were very quick! Well done!


Kjartan Poskitt, of Murderous Maths fame, came to conduct a maths quiz

with Years 5 & 6. Congratulations to the two equal high scoring teams!


The topic for our Science Week

this year is 'Colour'.

Here are Year 5 investigating what happens when you put Skittles sweets in water.


Early Years are enjoying being scientists this week. Look at all the colour experiments they have been doing.

Year 2 planted cress seeds during Science Week - then watered them with different coloured liquids to see what would happen.

We all enjoyed a Science assembly from Mrs Weston from

Archbishop Holgate's School. We learnt all about how light is made

up of colours and how the eye sees different colours. It was fascinating.


We all joined in the 'Race for Life'

and received a medal.

So far we have raised £1016!

Well done everyone!


Several classes enjoyed a tennis taster session on a sunny day from a Fulford Tennis Club coach.

Thank you Leo for a great session.

These cubes were created using a net by Year 6. They were decorated with some really imaginative desings too.

Year 4 buried treasure in the forest then created a map out of natural materials to lead their friends to a tasty treat!


Y4 did an amazing job at the beanbag rounders tournament at Archbishop Holgate's School. The three teams came 1st, 1st and 2nd in the three groups.


Year 1 had a challenge in the forest to build a tower to support a tiny man for 10 seconds. Each group had to work as a team to collect what they needed and build their tower.

Year 5 enjoyed solving a crime at Archbisop Holgate's School. They had to use science and maths skills to find out 'who done it'!
Year 3 have been looking at solids, liquids and gasses. Here they are investigating gasses with balloons.
Year 6 worked outdoors to test the effect of heat on different materials.

 Following Year 1 Class Assembly, the children wrote a recount.

Evan wrote: On Friday Year One did a brilliant class assembly. 

They sang and acted together.


Early Years were very excited to find a mystery package when they came back from playtime. When they opened it they found an invitation to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, a safari park, some animals to play with and the story 'Dear Zoo'. What a great way to start their next Talk for Writing book.


Mr Thompson visited Year 1 to show them how he performs operations.

Everyone enjoyed putting on the masks and hats!


Year 6 have been investigating how sugar dissolves to create a solution.

They created their own questions and found the appropriate equipment.

In honour of 400 years of Shakespeare, Year 6 have been practising some Shakespearian insults and putting them into dialogue. Theses two members of Year 6 gave the best, well punctuated insults and are pictured here with their rewards - a Shakespearian Insults note book! 

Year 3 worked in the forest to create shelters for a soft toy.

Then they were tested to see if they would keep the rain out.


Year 1 played a fun game of body bingo to help them learn the names

of all the body parts.