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The Meaning of Christmas

YoYo came into school to present a Christmas Assembly. They also

did lessons in Years 1, 2, 3 & 4 about the true meaning of Christmas.


YoYo shared the Christmas Story with us in our

Assembly and taught us a song with actions.


In Year 3 we thought about what we know about people. We started by playing a game where we answered four questions about ourselves on a piece

of paper. We then had to guess, from the answers,

who the person was.

Some were easier to guess than others!


Then we used clues from the

Nativity story to work out who Jesus is.


We thought about who his parents were and

we found out from the prophet Nathan

that Jesus was related to King David.

The same King David from the story of David & Goliath!
We even saw a time line showing the family of Jesus.

We played a game where we matched the beds to who we thought would sleep in them and found out that even though he was a King, Jesus was born in an animal's feeding trough - a manger.

This told us that Jesus was a humble servant -

he put other people first.

We smelt Myrrh - which had to be burnt first.

We found out that Myrrh was used to stop dead bodies from smelling and that Jesus was given Myrrh as a gift from the wise men because he would die to rescue us when he was grown up.

We also learnt that he was given gold because he was a king, and that the angels tell us that Jesus came from God.


Finally we found out that shepherds were not very important in the time of Jesus. They had very little money, would often be caught stealing and

were very smelly!

BUT the angels told them about Jesus first to show us that EVERYONE is important to God.
We learnt a lot about the Christmas story and had a picture we could colour and use to make a 3D Nativity scene to take home and remind us of the real meaning of Christmas. Thank you YoYo!