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The Early Years children performed Thumbelina for their class assembly.

Once upon a time a lady went to see

two kind witches. She gave them an

apple and they gave her a leaf.


The lady planted the leaf. It grew and grew

and inside was a tiny girl called Thumbelina.


Thumbelina met a toad who

wanted her to marry her son!


Some fish came and helped her escape

so she didn't have to marry Mr Toad.


Thumbelina made friends with

some mice and some moles.

Mr Mole wanted to marry Thumbelina.


Thumbelina helped a poorly swallow to recover.

The swallow and his friends rescued Thumbelina

so she didn't have to marry Mr Mole!


The swallows took Thumbelina to a lovely

garden where there were fairies to play with.

The Flower King gave Thumbelina some wings.
They got married and lived happily ever after!