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Toys of Yesterday

Some children brought in toys that

belonged to their Mums and Dads

when they were children. 

This acrobat was made by her

Great-Grandad for her Mum when

she was a little girl.

We thought about what told us

these were toys from the

past and not from today.


Here are some more of our parents' toys that we brought in to school.

We started looking at the history of toys.

Miss McCormack and Mrs King were interviewed

about the toys they had when they were young. 


Then we had two visitors, Mrs Thompson and Mr Giles,

who told us all about the toys they had and the

games they played when they were children. 


Mr Giles told us about making go-carts out of scrap materials

and Mrs Thompson brought in jacks and

French skipping that she had played with at school. 


Here we are having a go at French skipping.


We all enjoyed our trip to

Ilkley Toy Museum.

There were lots of toys from the past.

We had a quiz to complete as we

looked around the museum.

We were able to see a demonstration of some of the toys working, like the Zoetrope and model Fairground.

There was a workshop where we had to compare toys of today with similar toys from the past -

then try our best to arrange them on a timeline!


Some of the toys were VERY old and we had to

take care when we handled them.