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Tree Giants
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Before we went into the Forest this week, we watched a

video with tree giants in – they were trees with faces who could walk.

In the forest we looked to see if any of our trees were

really tree giants – they were! 

Some were happy, some were sad and some were nervous.

We got a letter from the tree giants – it said that one of

them had been blown over in the wind and had broken.

We were asked to put it back together.


The first thing we had to do was to learn to

tie a clove hitch – a special knot.


We had to find long and short sticks for

the different parts of the tree giant.


Once we had lots of sticks, we started to use the

knots we had just learnt to tie sticks together.


We found really long sticks for

the tree giant’s legs.

We had to work together to tie the knots.

Here is the finished stick man. 

We think he is happy to be back together.


At the end of our session we listened to the

story “Stick Man” by Julia Donaldson