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Victorian Calendars

In ICT Year 3 used photographs of themselves

in Victorian costumes and changed them to

'sepia' to make them look old fashioned.


Then they accurately measured and cut

wood to make a frame for their picture.


The children enjoyed using a glue gun

to stick the frame together . . .

. . . they held it firmly until the glue had set.
The completed frame!

They drew round the frame to create a

backing card the right size for the frame . . .

. . . and stuck the picture in the centre.

Next the frame was placed carefully

over the picture, onto the backing card.


They chose either ribbon or lace to decorate

the frame, measuring and cutting it to the

right length  . . .


. . . before sticking it on.





Finally they attached a calendar tab

and made a loop to hang it up with.


You can see some of our finished calendars below.