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A Victorian Christmas Activity Day

Years 3 & 4 researched the types of things that the Victorians had and did for Christmas.

They dressed up to add to the atmosphere during a whole day of Christmas preparations!

We made Paper Chains to hang as decorations . . .

Cornucopias - cones which could be hung on the tree, filled with festive fruits and treats . . .



Christmas Crackers to pull . . .


(we put chocolate coins inside ours!)


We selected pictures to decorate the

front covers of our Scrap Books.

Marzipan Fruits were fun to create.

We made Gift Boxes to put

them in, by folding thin card.



Real Ivy was sewn onto strips of paper

to make traditional decorative garlands.


Some of us enjoyed playing 'Parlour Games'

such as 'Statues' and 'Musical Bumps'.



Most of us have started sewing a

bookmark, with decorative cross stitch.


We hope to finish these in time for Christmas!


The Victorian Christmas Cards were decorated to look like lace, with tiny perforated holes around the edges.



There was a wonderful Christmas smell in school

as we made Wassail - a warm fruit punch with

Christmas spices.




Merry Christmas everyone!