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In Years 3 & 4, we have had an exciting January working with staff

from the Jorvik Museum to create original art work for the Viking Festival.

During their first visit, the Jorvik team told us the story of Oski, a Viking saga about a little girl who has to travel through the nine realms, written by pupils at Robert Wilkinson School. 

We then learned that it would be our job to create the

art work for the story which will be developed into three comics and displayed in York during the Viking Festival!

 We designed the hero for the artwork and met two Vikings who told us about Viking clothing and sagas.
When the Jorvik team next visited, we practised drawing figures in motion and investigated Viking symbols.

All of us created a design which will

form part of the front cover of the comics.


Finally, we created collages of the different Viking

realms that will be displayed alongside the comics.


We met also met a Viking who told us about his life

and showed us important artefacts such as

money-bracelets, coins and amethysts.



  We had fun recreating the raid on

Lindesfarne and shield formations!


Thank you to everyone at the Jorvik

team for this fantastic project. 



Our completed artwork is on display in a tent in

St Sampson’s Square between 16th & 20th February

as part of the Viking Festival.  Come along to see it!


There are lots of exciting activities taking place

as part of the Viking festival during half term.

See http://jorvik-viking-centre.co.uk/events/

for more information.