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What Have We Been Doing In School?

On this page you can see some of the activities and work

that we have shared and enjoyed in school during the Autumn 2012 term .


Our school is taking part in a Comenius project with

four schools from different countries.

We shall be working with schools from Poland,

Hungary, Portugal and Turkey. You can find out more HERE

On Wednesday 23rd October there was a meeting for parents & Governors about the Comenius project. You can see the presentation slides HERE.


A VERY BIG thank you to the whole school community. The School Christmas Fair raised over £1200!

£1000 will be used for the Forest School and school equipment. £300 is being donated to Jamie's fund.

£750 was collected following the two school Christmas Productions for Jamie's fund.

A further £200 was raised from the sale of DVDs, again for Jamie's fund. Well done to everyone involved.


Year 6 used their measuring, geometry, symmetry and sewing skills to create

these amazing designs for their calendars.

Every class in school created their own Christmas card designs. These stylish Christmas Trees were made by Year 6.

Key Stage 2 had a fantastic Christmas party. We played Corners, the Newspaper Game, Pass the Parcel and Menagerie (the animal game). All the children played well and were very good sports if they were out of a game. Well done Key Stage 2.


A very big THANK YOU to everyone that has donated

special chocolates to help fill our bucket for Jamie!

It is now full to the top - and very heavy!


What are these?

You can find out HERE.

Year 4 wore some amazing costumes as Ghosts in the Key Stage 2 Christmas Production of 'Scrooge'.
You can find out what Year 3 are doing HERE.

What are the Early Years children doing in a tree?

Find out HERE.


You can take a look at how the Early Years children created

their Christmas decorations, as well as some of the other

things they have done so far this week HERE.


Every child in school has made a

decoration to hang in our school hall.

Our theme this year is

'Christmas Food'.

It looks amazing!


We were treated to another amazing

end of term performance by the

Tu-Tu Funky Dancers lead by

Miss Havercroft.

You can see more photos HERE.


Year 2 have been busy making Christmas cards to send to children in other

Comenius schools.

They are very excited about receiving their

own cards cards from across Europe.


Year 2 have spent lots of time this week learning

to tell the time to the hour and half hour.

We have also done lots of estimating with time.


You can find out why Early Years

were creating these patterns HERE . . .

and see what they did in the rain HERE.


Year 2 have been measuring length using lots of different things from around the classroom and then thought about why we need a unit everyone can use to measure.

  We then used rulers to measure using cm.


Year 5 have studied Volcanoes in their topic work this term.

After researching different areas of the world where there is volcanic activity, they used the information to create a Powerpoint presentation.

You can see their work HERE.


Yo -Yo (York Schools and Youth Trust) visited Year 1 to teach us about the Christingle. We had a story from the story sack and made stained glass windows showing a Christingle.


Click HERE to see some of the things that the

Early Years children have been doing this week.


What is this pattern created by Faye in Year 5?


Find out HERE.


Year 4 started their collage work for this half term in the forest school, creating animal  collages from natural materials.



Year 4 explored different parts of the Jungle

in their PE Explorers lesson, using the apparatus.

Year 1 Class Assembly was all about Light  and Dark. They also presented the story 'Peace at Last' by Jill Murphy.

Year 2 have been having lots of fun

exploring some new equipment called



What have the Year 1 children got?

Find out HERE.


Year 1 made cards to celebrate Diwali

as well as creating Rangoli patterns on

the pavement outside with chalk.

Years 1 & 2 are enjoying learning new skills in their weekly Football Coaching sessions.

What are the Early Years children doing?

See more HERE.


Year 2 worked really hard this week on their class assembly all about space.

They retold a story called 'The Way Back Home' by Oliver Jeffers and

talked about lots of things they have learned so far in their space topic.

Well done Year 2 for working so hard and having so many great ideas!


Years 3 & 4 are having fun outdoors.

Find out where they went and what they did HERE.


The Early Years children have had a very busy start to this half term.

You can see some of the things they have been doing HERE.


Year 5 have been creating imaginative

2, 3, 4 and 5 point balances in P.E.


At the end of half term Year 1 created some spooky pumpkin faces!

Which is your favorite?


Year 4 were challenged to create number

sequences in jumps of up to twenty.

Others in the class then had to work out

the rule that had been used.


Year 1 wrote instructions for making a sandwich. They had to follow them carefully to make their own sandwich.

There was jam, honey and cheese spread on the menu. Yum!


It was an exciting evening at the

York Community Pride Awards 2012.

Our school was nominated for the

Best Primary School Project

for our fundraising efforts to

'Keep Jamie Smiling'.


These girls collected an award on

behalf of Jamie who was joint winner

in the category for Child of the Year .



We would like to say a VERY BIG thank you to everyone who has made donations, taken part in fundraising activities and to those who continue to organise events for Jamie's Appeal.

Our school community is very special.



Year 4 have been using natural materials, rope and tarpaulins to make shelters in the forest school area.  We are practising our outdoor skills in preparation for our trip to Snowball plantation after half term.


Year 2 went into the forest and made camouflage headdresses using twine and things they could find on the forest floor.

Year 2 have been following instructions.
You can find out more HERE.

As part of Living Books week, everyone in Year 2 wrote their own story based on a stormy, seaside picture. 

We thought carefully about the descriptions we used in our writing. 

Once we had written our stories, we made

character puppets out of wooden spoons


Year 2 are learning about what makes a good set of instructions.

  Here they are playing barrier games and practising giving and listening to verbal instructions.


Years 2 & 3 have produced work linked to the

books of author Julia Donaldson.

Find out why HERE.


What are Year 3 busy creating?

Find out HERE.


Why are Year 6 in the Early Years Classroom?

What have they brought with them?

Find out HERE.


What are Year 1 doing in the forest?

Find out HERE.


Year 4 chefs made vegetable pasta using some of the vegetables grown in our raised beds at school.


In maths Year 4 have been sorting shapes using Carroll diagrams. We can describe a trapezium and a rhombus, use the term quadrilateral and have recently learnt what parallel means

(and how to spell it!).


Once a week, Mrs Martin comes into Year 4 to teach us to play the violin. We have just started to use the bow and can already play 2 strings!

We are also very lucky to have a new member in our class who plays the cello.


As part of the Comenuis project, Year 2 tried some food from Turkey.  Everyone was brave,

sampling all the different foods and they tried hard to remember the Turkish words for what we ate. 

There was ekmek (bread), zeytin (olives), dolma (stuffed vine leaves), borek (stuffed bread) and hummus. 


Years 1 & 2 enjoyed their experience in the planetarium with an astronomer.

We were all very good at following the

Great Bear across the night sky and

locating the North Star.

You can see what else Year 2 did HERE.


As part of their Summer homework on natural disasters,

these two Year 6 girls made this fantastic volcano cake.

It tasted as good as it looks . . . !


We are enjoying playing on the

school field in the lovely sunshine.

Several Year 6 girls were very proud

of the 'People Sculptures' that they

created from grass cuttings.

They made a whole family!


These are some members of 'The Class of 84'.

They held a reunion and came to visit school during the summer.

They couldn't resist trying out our amazing crocodile sculpture!