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Spring Term 2012

On this page you can see some of the activities and

work that we shared and enjoyed in school during the Spring 2012 term.


The final eggciting event of the Spring Term

was our very own "Egglympics"!

Take a look at some of the competitors HERE.


For Easter we made Rabbit biscuits. Year 1 sent Miss Abberfield to the

shops to buy some very particular shaped sweets. We spread icing on

biscuits and decorated them to look like Easter Bunnies.


At this time of year many people in Australia eat chocolate Bilbies.


A Bilby is an endangered Australian marsupial.


Year 2 enjoyed learning about the

Christian Easter story and traditions- especially sampling the Hot X Buns!


To end their topic on Toys this term,

Year 2 went for a day out to Ilkley Toy Museum.

You can see more about their topic and some photographs of the trip HERE.


Houltons Builders, who are working

on our school building, came into

school to present prizes for the

Safety Poster Competition

that Key Stage 2 took part in.

The posters will be displayed

on the work compound.


The Tu-Tu Funky dancers gave us a

lively end of term performance

of their dance routines.

You can see more pictures HERE.

See if you can spot yourself!


In Year 3 we are learning about instructions in Literacy

and made our own Robin Hood hats by

following online instructions.

We will be writing up our instructions next week.


Year 3 were set the challenge of making a pressure

burglar alarm using switches in an electrical circuit.

They did brilliantly and some even made 2 or 3 different ones!


This week Year 3 made yummy lemon cupcakes with Mrs Bradley.


The Early Years children have had a VERY busy week so far!

Take a look HERE at some of their activities.


What are Year 2 measuring?

Take a look HERE.


In Year 3 this week we are looking at proper fractions. We learnt about the denominator and the numerator.

We went outside to explore fractions

of amounts and we also found

fractions of whole biscuits. Yummy!

Find out what Year 3 are doing HERE.

Year 2 went into the forest school to practise their measuring skills. They collected lots of sticks and drew them. 

Then they measured them to the nearest cm or the nearest half cm.


What are the models that Early Years have been building?

Find out HERE.


Year 2 went into the forest school and read the start of the Gruffalo story by Julia Donaldson.  They split into pairs and acted out the fox and the mouse meeting.  They did some writing to show what the characters would have been thinking and feeling.  They came up with some fantastic feeling words!


In Year 2 we are learning about pushes and pulls in science.  We have been using toys to do lots of our learning.  We took some toys outside to explore what happens if you give something a bigger or smaller push or pull.  We also explored how you make things stop!


Who is this visitor in Year 2?

What is he doing?

Find out more HERE.


Maths Week 2012

Everyone in school has been involved in maths investigations this week.

Take a look at some of our work HERE.


Congratulations to our very talented Year 4 violinist.

She won first prize at the Harrogate Competitive Festival in the

String Solo Section for Year 5 and under .

             Ever wondered what gives fireworks their different colours?

Year 6 tested different metals in the flames of Bunsen burners at Archbishop’s Holgate’s School. They knew all of the metals they tested apart from one mystery metal which they had to identify using the information they had gathered for the known metals. They thoroughly enjoyed being investigative scientists using equipment not available in primary schools.

Year 5 enjoyed investigation how the mass of ice affects the speed of melting at Archbishop Holgate's School.

The atmosphere was electrifying in Year 3!

Find out more HERE.


What are Early Years painting?

Why are we digging up the field?

Find out HERE.


Australian Exchange Programme.

Miss Dickenson and Miss Abberfield have been getting used to their

very different lives on opposite sides of the World.

You can see some of their new experiences HERE.


We had a 'Britain's Got X Book Factor'

 for World Book Day 2012.

Find out who these characters are HERE.

Who is this visitor in Early Years and what has she brought to show them?

You can find out HERE.


Mrs Parker helped Early Years make animal homes using bamboo.

They have put them in the Forest area.

I wonder which insects will live there?

Year 3 have been baking with Mrs Bradley. Here they are enjoying making wonderful Banana Muffins.

On Shrove Tuesday Year 2 learned about why Christians make pancakes and what they do during Lent.  We talked about things it would be really difficult for us to give up.  Then we had a go at flipping pancakes. 

Our champion managed 60 flips in row!  Second count was 46.


Early Years also talked about Lent and why pancakes are made - they even made their own using flour, eggs and milk.

They really enjoyed eating them!


Year 2 had lots of fun learning all about their new topic for this half term – Toys. 

We explored lots of different toys - some that we might not usually choose to play with - and we thought about where we could go for more information about toys. You can see more HERE.


We have been learning all about turns in Year 2. We had lots of fun using the Bee Bots and playing games like Simon Says to learn about full, half and quarter turns as well as what clockwise and anti-clockwise mean.



Here are Year 3 enjoying their well earned class treat to City Screen to see Puss in Boots in 3D. Find out why HERE.


Early Years had great fun in the snow.

Find out what they got up to HERE.


Forest School - what are we doing and who are these two characters?

Find out HERE.


Year 6 Class Assembly was all about

'Being the Best You Can Be'.

You can find out how they do that HERE.


Chinese New Year

Take a look at some of the activities in Early Years HERE


Years 5 & 6 attended a

Holocaust Memorial Day Workshop.

You can find out about it HERE.


During Art & Culture week

there were many different

activities in school.

You can see some of them HERE.


Years 5 & 6 have been baking.

Find out why HERE.


Years 1 & 2 enjoyed a performance of

'Carnival of the Animals'

at York University.

They had to wrap up warm

for the walk there and back!


Early Years have been on a bear hunt.

Find out more HERE.


Year 1 enjoyed the story of Peely Wally by Kali Stileman which has been nominated in the

Red House Children's Book Awards. They voted it as their favorite book.

Using finger painting they created their own birds and, of course, the egg!