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Spring Term 2013

On this page you can see some of the activities and work

that we have shared and enjoyed in school during the Spring 2013 term.


Our school is taking part in a Comenius project with

four schools from different countries.

We shall be working with schools from Poland,

Hungary, Portugal and Turkey. You can find out more HERE

On Wednesday 23rd October there was a meeting for parents & Governors about the Comenius project. You can see the presentation slides HERE.

You can see the Comenius visit to Portugal HERE.

Our Easter Egg Decorating competition this year was

based on the Comenius project that school is involved in.


You can find out more HERE.


Year 2 have been talking about the names of 3D shapes and their features.

We have also been using lots of different equipment to make our own 3D shapes.


What have Year 3 made?

Take a look HERE.


What are Early Years doing in the forest this week?


Find out HERE.


Years 1 & 2 stepped back in time when they visited Hull Street Life Museum as part of their topic on transport.


Year 1 looked around the school grounds for signs of spring.


Then we tried to make nests like the birds do in spring. We found it very difficult!

Birds are very clever.


We were treated to an end of term

display by the 'Tu-Tu' Funky dancers.


You can see more pictures HERE.


We had a special assembly where we

shared all our work at the end of

'Maths Through Art' week.


Year 2 Class Assembly this week was all about the

things we have been learning this half term.

We enjoyed showing off our vehicles and sharing some of our writing.


You can see how we made our vehicles HERE.


Year 4 practised using a compass by playing compass games in the sleet on the playground!


YoYo came to school to run some sessions about Easter.  They did a lesson in Year 2 and in Year 5 and then did an assembly for the whole school. 

In the assembly they taught us about the Easter story using a Tardis!




The YoYo lesson with Year 2 was all about Easter.  They told the story of Easter using different props and we then made a map

of the Easter story.


This week is maths week and we are doing maths through art.

Find out what the Early Years children created HERE.


Year 3 made symmetrical pictures using fractions of shapes. We used halves, quarters and eighths - some of us used sixteenths too! We had lots of fun!


Everyone enjoyed World Book Day in school.


You can see some of the fantastic costumes HERE

and find out who these characters are HERE.

Find out what the Year 5 Class Assembly was all about HERE.
Here are members of Years 5 and 6 in rehearsal for the York Schools’ Choral Festival being hosted by The University of York.

Year 5 took a great deal of care in making their own Greek pottery bowls out of terracotta clay.

In spite of the cold, Year 6 had a fantastic afternoon participating in a hockey tournament with other local primary schools at Archbishop Holgate’s Secondary School. Year 6 split up into three teams and one of them came third overall. Well done to all teams, who played so well, and to Year 6 for being such good sports.
One lunchtime each week the Year 6 Librarians host a Story Club session for a year group in Key Stage 1. Here they are reading Spooky Spooky House by Andrew Weale to children from Year 1. Spooky Spooky House was the overall winner in the ’Younger Children’ category of the Red House Book Awards.

There was a lot of scientific

discussion in Year 1.

They were looking at the properties of materials and deciding how to sort them.


Year 6 are in the Forest School.

You can take a look at what they made HERE.


Year 3 were learning about the purpose of a letter. They found lots of letters in the Forest School and had to decide their purpose and who had left them there.

They had a lovely morning!


What are Early Years doing?

Find out HERE.


Year 4 played some blind fold games in the forest. They had to communicate carefully, listen carefully and trust each other to guide partners around the forest.

There was only one ‘Oops’!

See what the Early Years children are building HERE.

Year 4 enjoyed the sunshine and did a maths puzzle outside. They started by collecting sticks of the same length from the forest and then used them on the playground to solve the puzzle.


Year 1 have been busy in the forest. We helped Cinderella by making brooms for her.

We used one large stick and tied on smaller twigs.

Then we tried out our brooms to see how well they worked at clearing the forest floor!


What have Year 4 been making?

Find out HERE.


Find out what Early Years and Year 2 are watching HERE.


You can also see what the Early Years

children are doing in the forest HERE.



We celebrated the life of

Jamie Inglis

with a balloon release.

Find out why our school hall looks so amazing HERE.

Year 5 had a surprise visitor in the forest.

While we were working, a Viking arrived!

He told us the story of the first and second battles of 1066; Stamford Bridge and Fulford. He was a wonderful storyteller and answered all our questions.

He blew his horn to gather the class to the circle. He even let us try on his helmet!

There have been some very imaginative -  and tasty - independent homework projects in Year 5, as you can see by this 'Heart' homework and 'Greek' shaped cake, complete with amphitheatre!

What are the Early Years children making?

Find out HERE.


In gymnastics Year 1 have been

balancing on points and patches.


Year 5 enjoyed making pinch pot owls.

The owl is the symbol of Athena,

the Greek Goddess of Wisdom.


Year 1 built tall, stable towers with twigs

- fit for a Princess - in the Forest School.


Sophia also made sure their tower was built under a tree so it would be 'protected.'


The children have been sharing some of the circle games

that they learnt with the Princess in the playground.

You can find out about Princess Leonora's visit HERE.


Year 1 investigated Sound in science.

They had to listen very carefully to work

out where the sound came from.


Every Monday Year 4 have a

violin lesson lead by Mrs Martin.


Year 4 are doing brilliantly and its so good to hear the wonderful sounds they are making!


Mr Brennan (Ewan’s Grandad) is a retired dentist and he came in to talk to

Year 4 about teeth and in particular Dentistry. We all enjoyed his fascinating

talk and all the funny stories about what happens in the dentists chair!

There was a special visitor in school.
Find out who she is HERE.
Before Christmas every child in school wrote down their hopes for the future as part of our Comenius project.  We have now made these into a beautiful tree in our school entrance area.  As we receive leaves from the other four countries, we will be adding these to other trees to share the hopes of children across Europe and beyond!

To accompany the tree in our entrance way, which has a hope for the future from every child in school, we have made four extra trees from recycled materials.  Every class in Key Stage 2 made a tree and each of these trees is very different.  Today we decorated the trees with leaves from each of the schools we are working with in the Comenius project.  Twenty of our expectations have been sent out to each of our partner schools for them to display on their trees as well.

See more Wheels with Early Years HERE.

Last week, Year 4 explored fractions of numbers using Oompa Loompas and skittles!


Year 1 were excited to hear from Antonia who is in Chile with her family.


Early Years had an exciting day out!


You can see more HERE.


What has appeared on the trees?

Find out HERE.


What are Early Years doing in the forest?


You can take a look HERE.


Year 1 Class Assembly was full of number fun with counting rhymes, songs and actions, as well as counting poems they had written themselves.

Well done Year 1!


Hello Early Years.

You can earn a gold star like me if you can complete these challenges:

1. Sort this problem out. There are 10 dragons on our class, if one dragon flies away, how many will there be left? What if another one flies away? Keep going until there are no dragons left.
2. Make a castle using different shapes. You can use 2d or 3d shapes but you must say the names of some of the shapes. You could use triangles, squares, circles and rectangle or cubes, cones and cuboids.
3. Roll 2 dice and add the numbers together. See if you can add some numbers without needing to count. You need to roll a double to get this star!

Find out if Early Years completed their challenges HERE.


Year 6 were given an open, independent  homework based on their recent

work on The  Tempest.  The range and quality of the work was excellent and some of it quite unexpected - as you can see from this picture - but VERY tasty!



Why have the Early Years children brought snow into the classroom?

Find out more HERE.


Both Years 5 & 6 have been studying The Tempest by William Shakespeare. 

Year 5 wrote individual playscripts for a rather acrimonious exchange between Prospero and his slave, Caliban.  Those scripts were then given to two other children in the class who acted them out paying careful attention to any stage instructions.  There were some very positive critics in the feed back sessions!


What are Year 6 doing?

Take a look HERE to find out.


Where are Year 5?

Find out HERE.


In Cultural Arts week Year 1 listened to music from Africa and worked in small groups to create their own dances.

Talented Year 6 artist Jacob created

these wonderful detailed pencil sketches.


Year 1 have been using the 2 Simple program

to draw different types of transport.

They also used word processing to write a sentence. What a lovely display they make.


What a busy Wednesday Year 4 had!


Click HERE to see all the things they managed to do in one day!


What are Year 6 doing?

You can find out HERE and take a look at some of

the other things that they have enjoyed recently.


As an introduction to their topic this term, Ancient Greece, Year 5 took a flight

from Manchester to Athens, all in the comfort of their own classroom!


Boarding passes were inspected by Captain Gardonyi and the children took their seats. After the compulsory safety video, the Captain gave the flight details, to include the countries the children would be flying over and the time and temperature differences. They were then able to sit back and enjoy the in-flight refreshments of pitta bread, houmous, tzatziki and feta cheese and topical entertainment which included Mr Bean’s rendition of Zorba the Greek’s Dance.

The flight landed safely in Athens in record time - just under one hour!


Year 4 made equivalent fractions from

towers of 2 different colours of cubes.


What a busy week you have had Year 4!


Year 4 made Elf houses in the forest, linked

to their work on Imaginary Settings in Literacy.


Year 4 tasted and compared the ingredients of different types of chocolate.

They also did a 'blind' taste test.


We look forward to hearing more about

your yummy topic this term Year 4!


Year 2 are learning all about transport this term.  We had lots of fun in our first lesson listening to transport sounds to work out what we were going to be learning about and then exploring different transport activities including painting pictures with wheels.