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Summer Term 2012

On this page you can see some of the activities and work that we

shared and enjoyed in school during the Summer 2012 term.


A big focus from the start of the summer term has

been to raise money for Jamie's Appeal.

A very big THANK YOU for all your contributions so far.

Our school community is very special.

Take a look at some of the fundraising events HERE

What have the Early Years children found in the garden?
Find out HERE.

Year 6 performed 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' for their Leavers Assembly.

You can see some pictures HERE.


Year 5 enjoyed finding out about

the heart and blood in science.


You can take a closer

look at their work HERE.

What are Year 3 making? Find out HERE.
Below are some of the toys made by Year 5 for their DT project this term . You can see more HERE.
See Year 6 enjoying their Leavers' Party HERE.
Take a look at the Early Years Class Assembly - Thumbelina HERE.

We were treated to an end

of term dance display by the

Tu-Tu Funky Dancers.

See more pictures HERE


Early Years have been looking at symmetry.

Look at their work HERE


Year 3 created weaving looms from two sticks or wood doweling.

They used bright wool and

raffia to create their designs.

They make a colourful

display in the corridor.


Take a look at some of the

amazing Australian Artwork

created by Year 1 HERE.

Find out who is visiting Years 5 & 6 HERE.

What are Year 2 making?

You can find out HERE.


Year 5 had another scientific trip to Archbishop Holgate's School.

This time they were investigating Plant Starches.


Year 5 had an exciting morning at Archbishop Holgate's School analysing ink and fabric samples, skid marks

and footprints to find out which

of the dodgy looking suspects had

stolen the World's biggest diamond!


Hold the Front Page!


Year 3 are learning about the features of a newspaper.

They worked in teams to produce a newspaper front page

with headlines, strap lines, details and quotes.


Oops! What has happened to the ducks and fish?

Find out HERE


Years 1 & 2 have continued learning outdoors. After reading the story 'One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab'

they explored numbers, counting and partitioning using the feet of different creatures.

Find out what Year 3 are making HERE

Oh dear! What have Year 1 done to The Gingerbread Man?

Find out HERE


Many of you had the opportunity to see the Olympic Torch when it came to York. Some of you have even held one - like these Year 3 & 5 members of York City Gymnastics Club.

This torch was carried in York by

Mr Stan Wilde who runs the club.

Stan represented Great Britain 38 times, including three European, three World and two Olympic Games.



We now have a copy of Point Blanc, signed by the author Anthony Horowitz,

thanks to this member of Year 6 who

met him recently.


The Early Years children look worn out after another busy week!


Find out what they have been doing HERE.


Outdoor Learning Week

Take a look at lots of our amazing experiences outdoors HERE


See our Jubilee Celebration


Is that The Queen sitting

with Early Years?


What are Year 1 making?

Find out HERE.


Where are Years 3 & 4?

Click HERE to find out.


Do you know what this is?

See more HERE.


Y1 have been investigating Dinosaurs and Fossils. We have a great collection. Did you know that Australia has recently discovered some new Dinosaurs?


The dinosaurs have been nicknamed after characters created by poet Banjo Paterson who is said to have written Waltzing Matilda in1885. Banjo (carnivorous theropod) and Matilda and Clancy (giant plant-eating sauropods) were found in a vast geological deposit near Winton that dates from 98-95 million years ago.


Year One love exploring the Forest School.

We really enjoy presenting our News topics in the lovely chair!



Year 2 looked at some Aboriginal handprint art.  Then we went out into the playground (on a very sunny day!) and made our own Aboriginal handprints on the playground floor using chalk.  It was a very tricky surface to work on but we all had lots of fun.

Take a look at Year 2 hard at work in the Forest School HERE.
The Early Years children are very proud of all the books that they can read!

Year 5 have been investigating the different parts of a flower and the

functions of those parts in Science.

They carefully took apart a lily and then assembled the petals, stamen

(filament & anther) and the stigma

on a sheet of paper to label them.


Year 2 spent an afternoon in the Forest school. We learned how to whittle sticks using a potato peeler.

Everyone had a go and we had lots of fun. In small groups we had to build shelters for our class bear to spend the night in.

Mrs Greenway and the Green Thumbs Gang have been hard at work while the weather was fine.

They have planted strawberries,

lettuce, leeks, spinach and

cabbage in the new raised beds.


Early Years used Giant’s Feet to measure the different areas of the outdoor area.

We measured the stage, the train, the grass, the path and the table.

We had to work with a partner to measure the different things.  We counted how many feet long they were and wrote the number on a recording sheet. Did you know the train is 12 giant feet long?

Take a look at more GIANT work HERE.

On Friday 11th May The Lord Mayor of York and his Sheriff came into school to explain the history, and the role, of the Lord Mayor in York. Miss Abberfield was very honoured to have special photos taken to send home to Australia!
The Early Years children had a closer look at the Lord Mayor's BIG car!
We had a visit from the Yorkshire Ambulance Service. They spent the whole day in school explaining their ambulance and the work they do. We were able to go on board the ambulance. Some of us had 'injuries' treated and we even gave oxygen to the poor patient. We all enjoyed hearing the siren!

What are Year 2 doing in the Forest School?

Find out HERE.


Year 3 have created flower sculptures inspired by Marc Quinn, a modern British artist. Thank you to Mrs Bell for her help in putting them together.

We named our flowers – can you guess what they are called?

Year 3 will be selling them at the Bazaar on Friday to the highest bidders.


Who is this character that has appeared in the Forest School?

Find out HERE.


Year 3 had some special guests today. Pre-school came to say thank you for the money raised from the

Apprentice Project.

They bought caterpillars to watch growing and have saved some money for class treats at the end of term.


Year 2 worked really hard on their class assembly.  They decided they wanted to act out The Gruffalo and put together a fantastic performance. 

Here they are rehearsing.

Well done Year 2!


Year 2 explored the Forest School.

See more of their pictures HERE.


What have the Early Years Children

found in the Forest School?

Find out HERE.


Year 5 have been learning about the tale of

George and the Dragon.

See their work HERE.

Find out how Early Years practise their Maths skills HERE.

Miss Abberfield found our School Trip to the

Castle Museum very different to those of the children in Australia.

Year 1 and Year 2 showed Miss Abberfield some of the interesting English history. They did lots of exploration about toys too.  Billy was shocked to learn that in 1899 most children left school to start work by the age of 12!


In April Mr Longmore, Mr Heale and Mrs Lee visited Poland.

Find out why HERE.


We were treated to a display of

Turkish Dancing in Assembly.

Turkey is one of the countries

that we are working with on the Comenius Project.

Click HERE to see more about

the Comenius Project.


One of the food items that women in Australia and New Zealand sent to soldiers during the First World War was a hard, long-keeping biscuit that could survive the journey by sea and still remain edible. These were known as Soldiers’ Biscuits, but after the Gallipoli landings in 1915, they became known as ANZAC Biscuits.


Year 1 really enjoyed cooking the biscuits at school and also made some at home.

The children's biscuits turned out better than their Aussie teacher’s!


Year 2 found out about ANZAC day.  We had an assembly with Miss Abberfield

and then we looked at some pictures that showed us how ANZAC Day is commemorated in Australia and New Zealand today.  We read about

ANZAC biscuits and learned that they were able to survive the

long journey across the sea to the soldiers fighting in World War I. 

Finally we made our own ANZAC biscuits and ate them all together. 

We thought they were very tasty but extremely chewy too!

Year 5 have been investigating the mass of items found and used in the classroom.

We don't want to exceed our

luggage allowance but the suitcase

won't fit on the bathroom scales.

What could we do?

How do we work out the mass of 1 sheet of paper if 500 sheets weigh 2175g?

Year 2 have been learning about what makes a good set of instructions.  We started off by giving verbal instructions. 

The children worked in small groups and gave verbal instructions for making a fruit salad to an adult.

Here we are enjoying the final product!