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Summer Term 2013

On this page you can see some of the activities and work that we have

shared and enjoyed in school during the Summer 2013 term.


And finally, to end their time at our school, Year 6 had a water fight on the

school field. Good luck to all of you!


Year 5 had some fun on the last day of term.

They made paper fish - and then raced them

by blowing them along with a straw!

Well done to Daniel who was the overall winner!


Early Years and Key Stage 1

enjoyed the Lego Workshop.

Here are Year 2 with the city they built.


And this city was created by

Early Years & Year 1.

It was very exciting to see it lit up.


Where are Years 1 & 2?


Find out HERE.


Year 4 made plaster cast images of Egyptian scenes with help from Mrs Matravers and Mrs Bradley. This week, they painted these casts.  They spent a lot of time painting extremely carefully.

Find out what we are all doing out on the field HERE.

Where are the Early Years children?


Find out HERE.


Year 2 played the game Nim.

They had to use their mathematical investigation skills to work out whether there was a rule for winning.

They were fantastic at finding and describing the rule.

Find out what Year 3 are up to HERE.

 The Comenius members visit England.


See them in York HERE.

Take a look at Year 6 Leavers' Party HERE.

Where are Year 3 & Year 4?


Take a look HERE.


What are the Early Years children doing?


Find out HERE.

In Year 2 we had a challenge called Sort the Street.  We had to find as many different ways as possible to split 9 houses into different sets.  We found lots of different ways and challenged the rest of our group to work out our set titles.  If you would like to have a go at the challenge you can play it here: http://nrich.maths.org/5157

We were treated to a dance display

by the Tu-Tu Funky Dancers.

You can see more pictures HERE.


Year 1 have been picking the vegetables they planted.

They are amazing!


Year 2 had a cube challenge to solve with their partner.  They had to find how many different ways there were to make houses out of seven cubes.  There were some excellent team work and fantastic attempts at recording what they had found out.


After winning the prestigious Civic Trust Public Speaking competition,

our fantastic pupils were invited to an interview on Radio York.


Here they are sitting in the studio with the ‘Obelisk’ trophy on the table in front of them.

The presenter was Jonathan Cowap and our children answered his questions clearly and animatedly. The rest of Year 6 enjoyed listening in the classroom; there was a big cheer whenever Lord Deramore’s was mentioned!


Year 1 have been learning how to keep safe on the roads. We went outside to practice how to cross at a pedestrian crossing.

Then we made road safety leaflets.


Year 4 did even more Science today. They investigated pitch and how to create high and low pitched sounds using a test tube, water and a spoon.  They went onto test this using a test tube, straw and water. We found out that the less water, the higher the pitch.


Year 2 worked with a partner to solve a maths investigation. Each pair had to build a chair out of multilink cubes and then a table that their chair could fit under.

Some pairs then tried to make a

larger scale table and chair.


In Science Year 4 investigated how the size of an

ear trumpet can change how well you hear the sound. 


In RE lessons, Year 2 were thinking about places that are special to them. 

We worked in groups to build some of our special places out of Lego. 

We shared our models with the rest of the class and explained our choices. 


Year 4’s class assembly was on challenges. 

We did a play about making a shaduf.

We demonstrated the aeroplane investigation that we did in Outdoor week and the descending cable.  We also did the 118 challenge with everyone.

I nearly forgot, we did some French too!


Where are Year 2?

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Year 2 received another letter from Princess Leonora. This time they have to help her save the magical gingerbread men of Lyonesse from the cunning foxes. The foxes offer the gingerbread men a lift across the river and then gobble them up so the princess is planning to make them swimming costumes. We had to plan a fair test to find out which material would be the most appropriate.


Out all of the materials we tested we found plastic would be best which is what we had predicted.


Year 4 investigated sound by taking part in different mini investigations. One was to test a tuning fork in water, one was talking through a balloon, another was bouncing a fork onto a table and listening through a string.

We found out that sound is made from vibrations that cause sound waves.

We also learnt that sound travels through different things at different speeds.



Year 2 designed and made their own gingerbread men and women. We had to carefully plan our design, thinking about what materials we had.  Then we had to work co-operatively and carefully to make them.


After we took the first bite of our finished gingerbread people we made a tally of the first bites. 

We found out that most people started with the head but nobody started with the left arm!


To start their science topic on Sound,

Year 4 made 'Poptars' - a guitar made from a pop bottle!


Outdoor Learning Week

Take a look at lots of our amazing experiences outdoors HERE.

Find out what Year 4 are building HERE.

What are the Early Years children making?


Find out HERE.


Year 2 created some camouflaged

shelters for nocturnal animals

in the forest.


Our school is taking part in a Comenius project with

four schools from different countries.

We shall be working with schools from Poland,

Hungary, Portugal and Turkey. You can find out more HERE

On Wednesday 23rd October there was a meeting for parents & Governors about the Comenius project. You can see the presentation slides HERE.


What are Year 4 so interested in ?

Find out HERE.


During Science Week Year One have been helping Max

from the ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ story.


He needed a cover to keep his food warm. We found out that the cotton wool was best.


In maths Y1 have been problem solving.


They had to solve all the addition and subtraction then they had to find a way of arranging and ordering their answers.


They  found four different ways of sorting, ordering and arranging.


In Year 6 we have been learning about the effect of acid rain. We found out that we can use a liquid called ‘Universal Indicator’ to find out if something is an acid, neutral or alkali. The Universal Indicator we used was the juice from a red cabbage!

We found out that tap water is neutral, lemon juice is acid and washing powder is alkali.


Find out what the Early Years children

are doing in the playground HERE.


In maths Y4 used the BeeBots to explore turns.  First we worked out how to make them move.  Once we knew how to give correct instructions to the BeeBots to get them to go where we wanted them to, we wrote instructions for other groups to follow.


We hope to bring you some pictures of our school, created by Year 2, on our school web site home page very soon.

Well done Year 2 -

they are very good!

Year 2 went outside to look at and compare the plants and creatures found in different habitats in the school grounds.

In maths Year 2 worked in pairs to create symmetrical patterns.


What have the Early Years children

been making in the forest?


Find out HERE.

Year 2 looked very closely at the seeds, patterns and colours in fruits to create their detailed drawings using pastels and coloured pencils.

The children in Year 2 worked in groups to present a verse of the poem

'The Sound Collector'

by Roger McGough.


Why is this character in Year 1?

Find out HERE.


Code Club meet every Tuesday after school.

With the help of our two fantastic volunteers, Matthew and Yalan Patrick, a mixture of Year 5 and 6 computer experts meet to develop

their programming skills, using the free program ‘Scratch’.

This week the group achieved their Level Two certificates.

We celebrated with a Betty’s cake!


In the Forest School Year 6 developed their trust in each other by safely leading a blindfolded friend to a tree.

Without using sight they had to try and identify the tree before being taken back to the start.

The blindfold was removed and they then had to try and find the same tree.


Year One have been busy planting beetroot, lettuce and spring onions with Mrs Parker and Mrs Greenway in our school garden.

They are looking forward to watching them grow and tasting them.

Which is your favourite?


Early Years have been learning about shape.  We made these 3d shapes out of sticks.

Do you know what they are called?


Year 6 used saws, drills and the glue gun to make moving models. The models used a cam wheel to create an up and down movement.

We based our designs on

Ancient Greek Myths.


Early Years have been making

‘Under the sea’ models.


In PE Year 6 have been working on

balances using pushes and pulls.

Year 1 Class Assembly theme was ‘We are all different but we are all part of Year One’.

We shared our ideas on how we are all different. We showed pictures of our different favourite foods.


Then we presented a play about a group of people who were different and did not work together. 

We worked very well together!


Year one have been learning about

which parts of a plant we eat.

They sorted the pictures and the

plants according whether we eat

the stem, bulb, flower, root or leaf.


Year 3 are learning about Egypt.
We are making a landscape which will

include the River Nile and a wooden shaduf.

A shaduf is a structure which lifts water

from the Nile using a bucket and lever.


Before we made the shaduf from wood, we used straws,

blue-tack and bun cases to practise making the structure.



We used a hacksaw to cut

the wood into pieces.

We marked on the board where the

River Nile would be and where

the shaduf would be placed.

We hope to show you some pictures

of our finished landscapes soon!


The children in Year 1 have been working with a partner to order a set of number tiles from smallest to largest.


In literacy Year 3 have been learning about instructions. We used verbal instructions to guide our partner around the forest area to reach an object.

We had lots of fun!


Find out what the Early Years children have

been doing in the forest this week HERE.


Year 3 went on a nature walk

looking for signs of spring.


We tried to identify lots of plants

that grow in the school grounds.


Years 2 and 3 went to an orienteering festival at Archbishop Holgate's School.

We enjoyed looking for the
markers on a map and spelling out a key sporting word.


Year one children have

been plant detectives –

we have been on a plant

hunt around our school.

We found plants growing everywhere! We found bluebells, rhubarb and bamboo.


Year 3 enjoyed making

apple crumble with Mrs Bradley


Year 2 have been working with the brand new Beebots this week.

The children have been making their own routes and checking each others work.  We have been doing lots of practising of left and right. 


Year 1 have been busy using

collage materials to make plates

of their favourite food.


We have been doing lots of investigations in Year 2.

The children have been completing their own tally charts to answer questions about favourite fruit and chocolates in our class. 


Year One have been helping Mrs Pye

put her shopping into alphabetical order.


Year 4 were given a secret mission this week.  They are helping to track a Master Criminal.  They had clues – a flag, an unlabelled map and part of a plane ticket.  They had to use an atlas to find out which country the criminal was hiding in.

       He was in Egypt!


What have the Early Years children found?


Find out HERE.


Year 2 were visited by YoYo who told us the parable of The Lost Son.  Some children helped YoYo act out the story and we then had a task to complete.


Yo-Yo visited Year 1 and

shared a story from the bible.


We then enjoyed making

pop-ups with Jenny and Anna.


Year 2 have been practising whole, quarter and half turns by making up partner dances. 


We have also been working on understanding clockwise and anticlockwise.

Year One were very excited about watching Year Three’s Powerpoint presentations all about chocolate.