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Autumn Term 2011

On this page you can see some of the activities and

work that we shared and enjoyed in school during the Autumn 2011 term.


Why are Year 4 dressed like that?

Find out HERE.


Miss Havercroft and the Tu-Tu Funky dancers gave us a very lively and entertaining display of their talents.

You can see more photos HERE.


Year 2 created images of fireworks using 2Simple software.

You can see more of their pictures HERE.

Year 1 had great fun programming the Bee Bots - although some of them didn't quite go the way they planned!
There were two alien visitors in Year 2!
Find out what they came for HERE.

We were also visited by Aliens in Underpants in Year 1 Class Assembly!



Year 5 made lanterns.

Find out more HERE.


Mr Longmore and Miss McCormack visited Turkey.

Take a look HERE to find out why.


Year 1 had to use their literacy and maths skills to bake Smartie Cookies!

Find out how HERE.


There were some very creative, spooky cakes and biscuits made for the PTA Halloween Bake Off!

See how much the event raised HERE.


Early Years enjoyed the story of The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

Their amazing work makes a bright, colourful display in the corridor.


Year 1 enjoyed some fun and fresh air

in the Early Years play area.

We had to watch out for the Pirates in the Year 3 Class Assembly!
In science Year 3 investigated the permeability of different rocks.

More baking in Year 3 with Mrs Bradley.

This time they made delicious

apple and blackberry tarts.

They are getting very good at

making pastry!


Early Years have been baking.

They made buns which they decorated with stripy icing.

Year 1 had great fun making a 3D cube with sweets and cocktail sticks! They worked out how many faces, corners and edges their cube had.
Years 1 & 2 had a walk in the village to look at the types of buildings and the different things they were used for.

Year 6 deliver their Schultüte

to Early Years.

Find out what that is HERE.


Year 3 & 4 had a sunny trip to Filey.

See what they did HERE.

Year 6 are preparing for their residential visit. They designed Robinwood posters.

The topic in Year 5 is World War II.

There is a fantastic display in their classroom of

information they prepared as homework.


Year 2 have been making healthy, fresh,

fruity smoothies.

If you want to find out more, click HERE.


Sandwiches were on the menu in Year 1.

Click HERE to see more.


Early years listened to the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears in our wooded area. 

They then chose a really good place to build a house for the bears and worked together to make a new home for them to live in.


We had a visit by children from Walter Daw Primary School in Exeter.  After a performance from our rock band, the children got to know each other.  Our Year 6 gave them a tour of school, followed by orienteering around our school grounds.  Mrs Powley told our guests some interesting stories about the history of our school that they won’t forget!

Some children in Year 3 started baking. The smell of cheese straws in KS2 was wonderful!

Year 3 took advantage of the fine weather to look around the grounds for different types of rocks as part of their Topic and Science work this term.


Year 2 are learning all about ‘Ourselves’. 


We have been looking in mirrors and drawing self-portraits using pencil crayons and pastels. We have completed our self-portraits and have put them up on display in the Key Stage 1 corridor.

Here are a few examples.

You’ll need to visit Key Stage 1 to see the rest!

Elowen                                            Philo

We have continued our learning about ‘Ourselves’.  We looked at homes in the UK and homes in other countries around the world and have been thinking about similarities and differences. 

We looked at videos from the BBC series Little Human Planet, which all the children have enjoyed.  If you want to look at some more at home, you can find the series at


- search for 'Little Human Planet'.


Here are some of Year 2 building a

Mongolian Ger after watching one

of the videos.