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Welly Walk

This week Early Years had a welly day in the Forest.  We went on a welly walk round school. 

We could go anywhere in the school grounds and, because we were wearing wellies and

waterproof trousers, we could walk in leaves and mud without getting wet.


We found lots of interesting things in the school grounds –

holes dug by animals, mole hills, conkers, acorns, daisies

AND even an old firework.


We particularly enjoyed collecting sticks

and playing in the mud on the mole hills.


When we were back in the forest we did a Welly Hunt

where we looked for lots of different types of wellies

- shiny wellies, flowery wellies, animal wellies etc.


We also designed wellies for Sage and Onion using either

coloured pens or things we found on the forest floor.


We had a WELLY great time!