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Adventure in the Forest

The Big Bad Wolf had kidnapped our

Forest Elves, Sage and Onion.


We made posters to try and get some help to

find the wolf and Sage and Onion.



Next we used a number line to help us follow a trail

of numbers that led us through the forest.

We hoped that they would lead us to

the wolf or to Sage and Onion.


We found a note asking us to play a game. 


One person had to close their eyes while someone

else crept towards them and took some bells without

the person hearing. We were very good at it.


  The wolf asked us to persuade him to give Sage and Onion back, so we practised some good arguments like –

“Sage and Onion will be really scared”,

“We love Sage and Onion very much

and they help us in the forest.”


The wolf let us go and look for Sage and Onion

and we found them hidden in the bushes. 


We had  a party to welcome them home

and made forest bunting for decorations.


On the way back to the classroom, we found the

wolf hiding inside the giant tyre in our outdoor learning area.


We think he was sorry for taking Sage and Onion.