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Lord Deramore's Gets Book X Factor!

On World Book Day 2014 we had a very special and entertaining assembly. Several characters from books tried to persuade us why their book was the best

and why they should win.


The contestants looked relaxed before the start.

Was your favourite book character there?


Our judges were Nicole Sherzinger and

Simon Cowell. Simon appears to have brought

his new baby along as well as one of his dogs!


First we heard from Charlie Bucket, made famous in the book Charlie & The Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.


Simon was not impressed by his tale of how

poor the family were and all they had to eat was cabbage soup. Nicole was more sympathetic and pleased he had found the Golden Ticket.


The Witch from Room on the Broom

by Julia Donaldson was our next contender.


Nicole was impressed by her adventurous story and

tales of how she had made a lot of new friends on the journey.  Even Simon thought that a new business

venture selling brooms could be a very good idea!


Mrs Brains told us how her baby had become

Baby Brains ' The Smartest Baby in the Whole World'

written by Simon James.


Simon did not believe her at all and said that his

baby was the best! Nicole loved her cute little baby.


Finally a Sock from Socks by Elizabeth Lindsay &

Nick Sharratt explained how socks were SO

versatile and could be made into a

Hipposockamus, Sockerels and even a Sockatoo!


Nicole loved her outfit and thought that spare

socks were always very useful. Simon, however,

said that 'Socks were not really his thing' and that

he preferred the book 'Pants' that Nick Sharrat

had helped to write!


The characters in the audience

eagerly awaited the result.


And the winner was . . .


The Witch!

I do hope she goes on to have

lots more adventures, don't you?

Well done everyone!

You can see some of our costumes HERE.