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Lord Deramore's Gets Book X Factor!

On World Book Day 2015 we had a very special and entertaining assembly. Several characters from books tried to persuade us why their book was the best and why they should win.


The contestants looked relaxed before the start.

Was your favourite book character there?


Our judges were Amanda Holden and

Simon Cowell. Simon, for some reason, has arrived

wearing fancy dress. Maybe he thinks having

a wand will give him greater powers?


First, we heard from Miss Root, the dentist from

'The Demon Dentist' by David Walliams.


She gave us a very graphic account of how

she enjoyed extracting teeth and even kept

some of them to make necklaces.

I don't like the look of her drill!


As you can see, I am not sure the judges liked this character.


Amanda is keeping her mouth firmly closed and Simon

has his wand at the ready incase she comes any closer!


Mum from 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea',

written by Judith Kerr, was much friendlier.


She explained how she had worked hard all day, cleaning up after the Tiger, as the house was quite a mess. Then she had to go out shopping as there was not a thing to eat left in the cupboards!




Although Amanda seemed very sympathetic, Simon

was concerned about the Health & Safety implications.


He did not think it had been a sensible idea

allowing a Tiger into her home in the first place!

And was the Tiger housetrained?


Next we met the Ladybird from

'What the Ladybird Heard' by the

popular author, Julia Donaldson.


She impressed straight away by giving

us a lovely 'twirl' to show off her spots.


Everyone thought she was very clever and

had been very brave for someone so small.


It is not easy to confuse robbers and

stop them from stealing such a large cow.


Finally, the Witch from Room on the Broom

by Axel Scheffler & Julia Donaldson, spoke

to us in rhyme.

 Our judges felt sorry for the poor Witch.

Her broom had been so badly damaged

when the Dragon chased her that she had

to get a new one.

Simon was very keen to take a ride on her

new broom, although Amanda thought it

would make a mess of her hair.


Time for the all important vote!

Which character did you vote for ?

And the winner was . . .


Miss Root!

The judges were shocked that the children

enjoyed going to the dentist so much!



After school on WBD, School Council ran a book swap and

sale in the school hall. Lots of children, from across school, came to find something new to read and to use their WBD vouchers to buy newly published books. 


Thank you to everyone who

donated books for the swap.


Well done everyone!


You can see some of our costumes HERE.