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'Lord Deramore's Got Book Talent'

On World Book Day 2016 we had a special Assembly.


Characters from books came to persuade us that their book

was the best. They looked relaxed as they waited to begin.


Which character did you vote for?


The judges this year were Simon (The Highway Rat) Cowell

and Cheryl (Mummy Bear) Cole.



Mrs Powley appears to be making sure she is safe and keeping herself well protected during what could be a hard fought contest!


Our first contestant was George, from

The Famous Five by Enid Blyton.

Although her real name was Georgina, she told us how she preferred to be called George. She had lots of adventures with her cousins and dog Timmy, proving that girls are able to do everything just as well as boys can.

She promised to take us on an adventure if we voted for her!


Both judges liked the idea of going on an adventure -

but were not impressed with Timmy - who appeared

to be asleep the whole time!


The Cat, from The Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss, joined us next.


He was very entertaining and even spoke in rhyme!

We heard how he could carry lots of things and even

hold them up with his tail. And he ALWAYS had fun!


Simon (The Rat) was NOT keen at all on the cat!


Cheryl, however, thought he was very well turned out

and that the Things were extremely well behaved.


Mr Gumpy, from Mr Gumpy's Outing by John Burningham,

explained how he had taken lots of his animal friends

for a ride in his boat and how some of them had

misbehaved and fallen into the water!


They did manage to rescue them and the day ended

well when they went home and had cake to eat.


Cheryl though that it all sounded very dangerous.


Simon was impressed - rats like water and love cake!


Finally, we heard from No-Bot, the Robot with No Bottom

by Sue Hendra.


Bernard the Robot explained how he had lost his 'Bot'

and had to search everywhere for it. He eventually

found it on the beach, being used as a bucket.


He certainly made the audience laugh!


Simon was very pleased he had found it as it

must be very uncomfortable without a 'Bot'!


Cheryl was impressed that he never gave

up looking and did like the happy ending.


Time for the vote . . .


And the winner was . . .



But watch out!

He was so excited that he grabbed

the cake and ran off with it!

Catch him Wally!

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