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Using Our Senses

Year 1 have been thinking about their

senses and when they use them.

The whole class used their sense of sight to

'Follow the Leader' around the forest.


Then they worked in small groups,

taking turns to be 'The Leader'.


Everyone used their sense of hearing for

the call to come back to the log circle.


We used our sense of touch to help

describe the bark on the trees.




Our senses of sight and touch worked together

when we made rubbings of the bark.




We are going to use our rubbings

to create a display in school.


Wearing camouflage masks we had made,

we hid in the forest. We used our sense of

sight to find each other.



We made 'Forest Scents' by mixing

natural materials we found with water.

Some smelt of grass, others of leaves and soil.


We designed our own recipe for a fruit salad

and followed it carefully, counting how many

pieces of each type of fruit we needed.



It looked very colourful -

but what did it taste like?




It was time to use our final sense -

the sense of taste.



Delicious. Crunchy. Sweet. Juicy.

Niamh described her Fruit Salad as

'Scrumptious and nutritious'.

Zaki thought that his could be improved by

'Adding ice cream'!


'Our Senses' science work makes

a colourful display in the corridor.


Have you worked out how many senses we have?