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Japanese Day

To end their topic on Japan Years 3 & 4

held a Japanese Day in school.


Many of the children wore Japanese

themed clothing and there were

some beautiful hair styles.


To start the day we were shown some Karate

moves by two parents. We even tried ourselves!


There were many activities to take part in

which included making Blossom Trees . . .

Origami . . .
trying to write Japaneses Symbols . . .
making Kokeshi Paper Dolls . . .

designing Manga Characters . . .


creating Carp Kites . . .



and dressing Peg Dolls as Samuri Warriors or in Kimonos.


We were able to try some Japanese food

including rice balls and crackers, seaweed

flavoured crisps, green tea and even pink

KitKats, all the way from Japan!


Akiko showed us how to wrap the crispy seaweed

onto the rice balls that she had kindly made for us.


In the afternoon our parents were able to

visit the classrooms to share what we had been doing

and look at our displays and topic work over the term .


There was also a Museum in Year 4

with information cards about all the

artefacts that were on display.


We shared the book of Haiku

poetry that we had written.


Year 4 performed their traditional

Japanese dance, Soran Bushi, outside.


It was a lovely day which

everyone enjoyed.