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Years 3 & 4 Visit the Castle Museum

Years 3 & 4 went to the Castle Museum to find

out what life was like for children in Victorian times.


First we dressed up in Victorian clothes.


We had to line up in silence and have our hands checked.

They had to be clean before we were allowed into school!


The teacher was very strict.


You had to put your hand up and

could only speak when spoken to.

Everytime you spoke to the teacher

she had to be addressed as Ma'am.


Asking questions was NOT allowed!


We all had to sit up straight, with our

arms folded, not leaning on the desk.


If any child didn't sit up straight,

they were made to stand

holding a back straightener.


Our lessons were based on the 3R's.

Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.


Everyone had to read the same book - in silence.


We also had to recite a poem.


Handwriting was practised on slates.


A Victorian child who tried to write left

handed often had their left arm tied behind

them as it was not considered to be correct!


An abacus was used to help us with our

Arithmetic - after we had recited all of

our times tables.


Instead of PE, we went into the yard to complete a drill.

As we left, at the end of the school day, we had to use our good manners.

We said 'Good Afternoon, Ma'am' as we curtsied or bowed.


We had time to look around the other

Victorian displays in the Museum.


Everyone liked the Toy Shop in Kirkgate.

The shopkeeper let us try some of the toys.



By the end of our visit, some of the

children had to be put in prison!


(We let them out in time to go home, though!)