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Year 3 Visit Wagamama's

As part of their Topic on Japan Year 3 visited the Wagamama restaurant

in York to find out about some of the Japanese food they prepare.


When they arrived at the restaurant Year 3

had to write their names on their chef's hats.


We looked at all the different ingredients

that go into the specially prepared juices.



The fruit and vegetables go into the top of the machine and come out of the bottom, into the jug, as juice!


First we had a smell . . .



. . . then a taste.



We tried Raw Juice . . .

(carrot, apple, cucumber, tomatoes & orange juice)

Fruit Juice . . .

(passion fruit, apple & orange juice)

and Super Green Juice

(apple & lime).

Can you guess which was our favourite?


We also had a look at some of the

ingredients used in the cooking.



We could smell and touch the spices

which included Star Anis and Fennel.


It was great fun putting our hands into

the bowls to feel the noodles and all the

other ingredients - including seaweed - which

some of us didn't like the look or smell of!


There were some stretchy noodles . . .
. . . and salmon fish cakes.
We tried picking up noodles with chop sticks . . .

. . . then had to use them to pick up

and weigh ingredients for a recipe.

Time for lunch! 
Some of us were VERY good at using chop sticks!

I think the adults enjoyed their meals too!



Thank you to all the staff of Wagamama's.


We really enjoyed our visit!