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River Explorers

As part of their topic on Water, Years 5 & 6 travelled by bus into York and spent the day looking at the bridges over the rivers Ouse and Foss, flood defences and the use of the rivers today as well as the part they have played

in the history and development of York.


There were a LOT of bus tickets!


They started their walk at Davy Tower on

Skeldergate Bridge, then carried on along

New Walk to Blue Bridge. . .

and the Foss Barrier.

No-one fancied bathing in Piking Well (in spite of the fact the waters are supposed to be good for you)


so they continued on their way,

past a tramway, to Millenium Bridge.

After a soggy lunch in Rowntrees Park . . .
and some fun . . .

they visited the King’s Arms on King’s Staith to look at the recorded flood levels and how the pub has been adapted to cope with regular flooding.


The day ended with a guided river cruise on York Boat

where features the children had already looked at

were seen from a different perspective and they

were given lots of new information.


Try the walk yourself! 


Can you find all the places we visited?