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Design Technology
Year 5 had to design and make a toy for their DT project this term. They were very inventive and creative.

I made salt dough figures for my table

football game.

We really enjoyed making our puppet

out of corks. We called him Corky.


With my game you roll a marble up the slope and

try to get it into the holes.

I made a toy where you twist a stick with dolphins attached to it. They look like they are jumping.

I made a woodpecker that makes it's way down a stick. I also made a boat powered by a candle.

I made a board game. One player uses a catapult to hit a dragon. The dragon has to survive until the player is out of ammunition.

I made a 1960's camper van and a little doll

to go with it.

I made a feather dart game where you have to

pop the balloons.

My toy is a tank with big wheels and a cannon.
I made a sock puppet for my DT project.
My game is penalty shooting.
I made a board game called Squares.
I made a puppet dog with a wobbly head.
I created a bowling game with barriers.