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An Ancient Greek Assembly

The Year 5 Class Assembly was based on their topic for the Spring Term - Ancient Greece.

Here they are in rehearsal.


The Spartans and Athenians defeated King Darius

and the Persians at the Battle of Marathon.


Once their common enemy had been defeated,

the Spartans and Athenians began warring

between themselves again.


Even the 'referee' couldn't stop them

from ultimately ruining each other!


The story of the Trojan Horse is very well known.


King Menelaus sailed over the Aegean Seas

with the hero Odysseus, on a mission to bring

back his beautiful wife, Helen of Troy.


She can just be seen in the background

with Prince Paris who kidnapped her.


The Trojans celebrated when they thought Menelaus

and his army had given up and left, leaving the gift

of the wooden horse but . . .


 . . . they soon found out that they had been tricked.

The enemy crept out of the wooden horse in the

dead of night, let the rest of the army into Troy and

burnt it to the ground, recapturing Helen.



Year 5 have done some fantastic independant work

in their Learning Journals. Here are just a few of them.


In spite of all the falling out, everyone joined

in with Zorba the Greek's dance at the end.


Well done Year 5!