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Science with Year 5

Year 5 spent a fascinating morning at Archbishop Holgate’s School exploring science in the context of homelessness.



They thought about conductors and insulators and then had to choose one member of their team to insulate as well as they possibly could using all their outer garments and newspaper.


They were then given a cardboard box, a plastic bag, a small piece of BluTac and some more newspaper with which to make a shelter.


A sealed test tube of water at body temperature spent 10 minutes inside each of their designs and the temperature was checked again to see if, and by how much, the water had cooled down. 


Each shelter was subjected to a down pour

as well to test how water proof it was!


In the second of their sessions they looked at the food groups and how different foods can give us energy, help us grow etc.  They then tested various foods for starch and protein using chemicals. 

To draw their learning together, they designed a poster advertising healthy diets based on their findings.