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Year 2 Make Lemonade

Year 2 had two alien visitors.

Mossop and Moondust came to find out how to make lemonade.

Year 2 had to make sure that the instructions they gave were very clear and accurate - or they wouldn't get anything to drink!

After I had washed my hands, gathered the equipment and ingredients we needed, Year 2 told me to:

1. Cut three lemons in half, squeeze them hard with

the juicer and put the juice into a jug.

2.  Measure one cup of sugar and put it into the jug with the juice.
3.  Add five cups of sparkling water.
4.  Stir gently.

5.  Pour into cups and enjoy!

I hope Mossop and Moondust like our

homemade lemonade as much as we did!