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Year 4

In Outdoor Learning Week, Willy Wonka wrote

a note to Year 4 asking them to explore a

new land called Deramoria.

To get there, we had to find pieces of a map and follow clues.

There were some strange animals in Deramoria;

snakes, bearded dragons, a millipede and tortoises!


It was important to find our way around so we

practised using a compass and following directions.


In Deramoria, there are no shops so we

had to make our own plates out of Willow.



Cacao trees grew there so we could make a drink of cocoa.


(Luckily, we found some chocolate biscuits too!)



Our willow plates came in very useful!


Later in the week, we found some other,

smaller creatures and used a key to identify them.


We had to build a fire to keep warm . . .



we whittled sticks . . .



to toast marshmallows on of course!

We still found time to practise our violins!

We wrote letters to thank Willy Wonka for the

amazing adventure he had sent us on.

Finally, we rested and read our books in the peaceful garden.

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