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Year 5 Ancient Greek Assembly

Year 5 presented a very amusing Ancient Greek Assembly, in the style of the 'Horrible Histories'.

They told of the troubles between the Athenians and Spartans, the involvement of the Persians,

as well as giving us their version of the Trojan Horse. Finally they performed the "Zorba" dance.


We were introduced to the Athenians.

Their city, Athens, was named after the

goddess of wisdom and war - Athena.


Throughout the years they had many battles

with the Spartans and also had to fight off

the Persian invaders.


When the Persians returned, with an even

bigger army, the Athenians and Spartans

had to join forces to defeat them.

But it didn't take long before the Athenians and Spartans were at war again. It was such a big battle that Year 5 brought in a referee and sports commentators!

The Ancient Greeks left behind many stories.

One of these, the Trojan Horse, was written by Homer in the 'Iliad'. (Doh! Not that Homer!)


It told how Prince Paris of Troy kidnapped Queen

Helen of Sparta from her husband, King Menelaus.

He kept her in his castle in the city of Troy.

King Menelaus was furious and, after many years of battle, his hero of the day Odysseus came up with a cunning plan to invade Troy.
They built an enormous wooden horse, put it outside the city and pretended to leave! The Trojans thought they had given up the fight and took the wonderful gift into Troy.

While the Trojans slept off their victory celebrations, something stirred deep in the belly of the horse - and it wasn't indigestion!

Those sneaky Spartans crept out, burnt Troy to the ground and took back Queen Helen. Odysseus and his men set sail back to their home of Ithaca - but that's another story!

Year 5 showed us their very detailed and informative Learning Journals. The children chose which aspects of Greece, Ancient or Modern, they were interested in. This information was researched at home and presented in

their own personalised style.

Finally, we were treated to an entertaining

version of the "Zorba" Dance!