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Year 5

Year 5&6 were given a challenge to create a the tallest structure they could, using only 20 pieces of dried spaghetti,  a marshmallow and a little tape and string.


The winning team in Year 5 reached the dizzy height of 61cm!


It was a tricky job but look how well they did.


There was some good team work.

Year 5 did a lot of Maths outdoors.  They went on an angle hunt around school . . .
explored capacity . . .



and created their own juice flavours.



They worked as a team to develop

a fractal of equilateral triangles.


Can you see the growing number

pattern of triangles in each row?


You can see more information on fractals HERE.

They had to give precise instructions for the Kat Robot to make a sandwich . . . will it work?
Lots of minibeasts were found on their scavenger hunt.
Scary story telling was great fun in the dark tent!
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